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Merge in the latest changes from trunk. check-in: 0d99229a user: drh tags: schema-parse-refactor
When resetting any non-TEMP schema, also reset the TEMP schema since it might be holding references to the non-TEMP schema that just got reset. check-in: 211d5dde user: drh tags: schema-parse-refactor
Begin a series of changes designed to reduce the scope and frequency of invalidating schemas. Design goals are that the internal schema should never be deleted out from under a prepared statement that is running and that all prepared statements should be expired if the schema is invalidated. At the same time, minimize the number of schema invalidations. This change merely revises the sqlite3ResetInternalSchema() function to use -1 as the wildcard for "all" rather than 0, so that we can reset the main schema independently of all the others. check-in: 6a8ad6e3 user: drh tags: schema-parse-refactor