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Parents and children of check-in [132339a1]

Only use the skip-ahead-distinct optimization if the index has been analyzed and we know that a skip-head is likely to skip over at least 11 rows. The magic number 11 was determined by experimentation. check-in: 0cf16dec user: drh tags: skip-ahead-distinct
Forward port the skip-ahead-distinct branch which was abandoned for some reason that I do not recall. This port should have been achived by a merge of trunk into the previous head of skip-ahead-distinct, but that did not work. So I had to manually "rebase" the changes. check-in: 132339a1 user: drh tags: skip-ahead-distinct
Fix a regression caused by the fix for ticket [6c9b5514077fed34551f98e64c09a1] - control characters allowed in JSON. check-in: 8e7b6118 user: drh tags: trunk