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Fix some corner case behavior in the new ORDER BY optimization logic. Remove the SQLITE_OrderByIdx bit from the SQLITE_TESTCTRL_OPTIMIZATIONS mask, since enabling it caused many TH3 tests to fail when the NO_OPT configuration parameter was engaged, and since there really isn't any need to turn that optimization off. The SQLITE_OrderByIdxJoin bit remains. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 98b63371 user: drh tags: qp-enhancements)
More test cases an bug fixes for the ORDER BY optimization of joins. All veryquick tests now pass. (check-in: 0d573320 user: drh tags: qp-enhancements)
Test cases and bug fixes applied to the ORDER BY optimization for joins. Some test cases fail, but except for the new orderby1.test failures, all failures appear to be issues with the tests, not with the core code. (check-in: 75cda864 user: drh tags: qp-enhancements)