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Parents and children of check-in [0c0c4ae9]

Fix a potential NULL pointer deref in the testing logic of pcache1. NB: The -DSQLITE_TEST compile-time option is needed to hit the problem. check-in: f5580f08 user: drh tags: trunk
Modify the fts5 leaf page format to permit faster seek operations. This is a file-format change. Any existing databases can be upgraded by running the fts5 'rebuild' command. check-in: 0c0c4ae9 user: dan tags: trunk
Create separate "path" and "root" columns in the json_each() and json_tree() virtual tables. "Root" is the 2nd parameter and is fixed. "Path" varies as json_tree() walks the hierarchy. check-in: 127cce3e user: drh tags: trunk
Increment the fts5 version value to indicate that the on-disk format has changed. Closed-Leaf check-in: 99de5e36 user: dan tags: fts5-incompatible