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Parents and children of check-in [01944c53]

Remove a testcase() that is now always true due to the "x IN (?)" optimization. Add an ALWAYS() around a conditional in the parser that cannot be false. check-in: d5a1530b user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the EXPLAIN indenter in the command-line shell to correctly handle NextIfOpen and PrevIfOpen opcodes. check-in: 01944c53 user: drh tags: trunk
The "x IN (?)" optimization in check-ins [2ff3b25f40] and [e68b427afb] is incorrect, as demonstrated by the in4-5.1 test case in this check-in. The "COLLATE binary" that was being added to the RHS of IN was overriding the implicit collating sequence of the LHS. This change defines the EP_Generic expression node property that blocks all affinity or collating sequence information in the expression subtree and adds that property to the expression taken from RHS of the IN operator. check-in: 2ea4a9f7 user: drh tags: trunk