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3 check-ins using file src/main.c version e557fd8f

Tweaks to build.c to facilitate coverage testing. (CVS 6628) (check-in: 6572b438 user: drh tags: trunk)
If a virtual table constructor returns SQLITE_NOMEM, set the mallocFailed flag in the corresponding database connection to insure that the error is propagated back to the top layer. (CVS 6627) (check-in: 5635666f user: drh tags: trunk)
Rework the logic that generates a schema for tables created using "CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT ...". Instead of trying to copy the raw datatype string from the right-hand side, just make the type one of TEXT, INT, REAL, NUM, or nothing. This is much simpler than trying to parse and quote datatype strings. Other minor implifications to build.c are bundled with this change. (CVS 6626) (check-in: 33cf8359 user: drh tags: trunk)