/ Help: bisect

The "bisect" command:

Usage: fossil bisect SUBCOMMAND ...

Run various subcommands useful for searching for bugs.

fossil bisect bad ?VERSION?

Identify version VERSION as non-working. If VERSION is omitted, the current checkout is marked as non-working.

fossil bisect good ?VERSION?

Identify version VERSION as working. If VERSION is omitted, the current checkout is marked as working.

fossil bisect log
fossil bisect chart

Show a log of "good" and "bad" versions. "bisect log" shows the events in the order that they were tested. "bisect chart" shows them in order of check-in.

fossil bisect next

Update to the next version that is halfway between the working and non-working versions.

fossil bisect options ?NAME? ?VALUE?

List all bisect options, or the value of a single option, or set the value of a bisect option.

fossil bisect reset

Reinitialize a bisect session. This cancels prior bisect history and allows a bisect session to start over from the beginning.

fossil bisect vlist|ls|status ?-a|--all?

List the versions in between "bad" and "good".

fossil bisect ui

Like "fossil ui" except start on a timeline that shows only the check-ins that are part of the current bisect.

fossil bisect undo

Undo the most recent "good" or "bad" command.