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History for test/mmapfault.test

[d4c9eff9] part of check-in [ca3fdfd4] Make sure errors encountered while initializing extensions such as FTS4 get reported out from sqlite3_open(). This fixes a bug introduced by check-in [9d347f547e7ba9]. Also remove lots of forgotten "breakpoint" commands left in test scripts over the years. (check-in: [ca3fdfd4] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 2014)
Added: [97507ee0] part of check-in [0ae7e75b] Drop any existing mapping of the database file when exiting the pager "error state", as it may at this point be too large for the database file. Do not invoke file-control MMAP_SIZE if the database file handle does not support xFetch and xUnfetch (on the grounds that xUnfetch(0) calls to invalidate the mapping cannot be made). (check-in: [0ae7e75b] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 2027)