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History of test/fts3join.test

Fix test cases so that they work with the new EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN output format. Only some of the cases have been fixed. This is an incremental check-in. file: [949b4f5a] check-in: [5f0e803e] user: drh branch: rework-EQP, size: 2958
Do not use the flattening optimization for a sub-query on the RHS of a LEFT JOIN if that subquery reads data from a virtual table. Because it prevents the planner from creating an automatic index on the results of the sub-query, the flattening optimization sometimes slows things down in this case. file: [69aeb460] check-in: [9dbae1df] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 2929
Fix a virtual table problem that can occur when the vtab is on the RHS of a LEFT JOIN and there is a MATCH constraint in the ON clause, or when the vtab is in a sub-query that is the RHS of a LEFT JOIN and there is a MATCH constraint in the WHERE clause of the sub-query. file: [a758accc] check-in: [87b38166] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 2310
From test scripts, remove stray "breakpoint" commands and blank lines at the ends of files. file: [34750f3c] check-in: [a6b35273] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 1864
Instead of having the planner ignore plans with unusable MATCH constraints, have FTS assign extremely high costs to such plans in order to discourage the planner from using them. file: [53e66a0c] check-in: [24f84b38] user: dan branch: avoid-unusable-match, size: 1866
Have the planner detect cases where a MATCH constraint is applied to a virtual table, and ignore any plans that do not allow the virtual table implementation to implement the MATCH filtering. file: [bc8e5ca3] check-in: [19f3208b] user: dan branch: avoid-unusable-match, size: 1830 Added