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History for test/fts2n.test

[12b9c535] part of check-in [4e91a267] Change all instances of "it's" in comments to either "its" or "it is", as appropriate, in case the comments are ever again read by a pedantic grammarian. Ticket #2840. (CVS 4629) (check-in: [4e91a267] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 5443)
Added: [a70357e7] part of check-in [7c4c6592] Enable prefix-search in query-parsing and snippet generation. If the character immediately after the end of a term is '*', that term is marked for prefix matching. Modify term comparison in snippetOffsetsOfColumn() to respect isPrefix. fts2n.test runs prefix searching through some obvious test cases. (CVS 3893) (check-in: [7c4c6592] user: shess branch: trunk, size: 5446)