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[298fa167] part of check-in [9007586f] Add retry logic for AV defense to winOpen. Also, refactor test suite to allow the key Tcl file operations (e.g. copy and delete) to be retried. (check-in: [9007586f] user: mistachkin branch: winopen-retry-logic, size: 2766)
Added: [f68d7611] part of check-in [283385d2] http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/tktview?tn=2219

When creating fts tables in an attached database, the backing tables are created in database 'main'. This change propagates the appropriate database name to the routines which build sql statements.

Note that I propagate the database name and table name separately. I briefly considered just making the table name be "db.table", but it didn't fit so well in the model used to store the table name and other information, and having the db name passed separately seemed a bit more transparent. (CVS 3631) (check-in: [283385d2] user: shess branch: trunk, size: 2787)