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History of test/eval.test

Ensure that the OP_Prev opcode verifies that content has not been deleted out from under the cursor. Fix for ticket [209d31e3161b9e9ff]. file: [a64c9105] check-in: [414f0d6a] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 2419
If sqlite3_column_value() is called to obtain a value with the MEM_Static flag set, clear it and set the MEM_Ephem flag before returning. Otherwise, if the value is passed to sqlite3_bind_value() or sqlite3_result_value(), sqlite may attempt to use the buffer after the statement has been finalized. This is not always valid, as MEM_Static only guarantees that a MEM.z buffer will be valid for the lifetime of the owner statement, not that it is actually a static buffer. (CVS 5812) file: [bc269c36] check-in: [b055bfc4] user: danielk1977 branch: trunk, size: 2144
Detect and handles the case where a row is modified or deleted while it is being read during SELECT processing. (CVS 5399) file: [020a21a2] check-in: [c80a5d09] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 2047 Added