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[eae9f091] part of check-in [732f90d6] Change the error message text for SQLITE_ERROR to omit the part about "missing database" as that meaning is now obsolete (since approx SQLite 2.0). (check-in: [732f90d6] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 3490)
[f31592a5] part of check-in [54b22192] Standardize the error messages generated by constraint failures to a format of "$TYPE constraint failed: $DETAIL". This involves many changes to the expected output of test cases. (check-in: [54b22192] user: drh branch: omit-rowid, size: 3550)
[050717f1] part of check-in [3f674375] Rename SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_RAISE to SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_TRIGGER. Put the extended constraint error codes in alphabetical order. Add many test cases for the extended constraint error codes. (check-in: [3f674375] user: drh branch: constraint-error-codes, size: 3526)
Added: [3bb606db] part of check-in [8f88cc4e] If an error occurs within sqlite3_step() on a statement prepared using sqlite3_prepare_v2(), transfer both the error code and error message to the database handle before sqlite3_step() returns (so that they are available via sqlite3_errcode() and sqlite3_errmsg(). Prior to this commit, only the error code was transfered. The error message was not available until after either sqlite3_reset() or sqlite3_finalize() had been called on the statement handle. (check-in: [8f88cc4e] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 3430)