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History for test/autoindex4.test

[49d3cd79] part of check-in [1a1516e4] This additional fix prevents a partial index from being qualified for use if the constraint that qualifies the partial index is part of the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN. (check-in: [1a1516e4] user: drh branch: tkt-2326c258, size: 2733)
[364be4c1] part of check-in [c0f4e308] Make sure partial automatic indexes are not based on terms in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN. Fix for ticket [2326c258d02ead3]. UPDATE: This fix does not work where the partial index is a named index. (check-in: [c0f4e308] user: drh branch: tkt-2326c258, size: 2384)
Added: [fc807f9e] part of check-in [d95d0313] Enhance the automatic index logic so that it creates a partial index when doing so gives the same answer for less work. UPDATE: This change introduced a bug described by ticket [2326c258d02ead33]. (check-in: [d95d0313] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 1706)