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This directory contains source code to 

    SQLite: An SQL Database Built Upon GDBM

To compile the project, first create a directory in which to place
the build products.  The build directory must be separate from the
source tree.  Cd into the build directory and then from the build
directory run the configure script found at the root of the source
tree.  Then run "make".

For example:

    tar xzf sqlite.tar.gz    ;#  Unpack the source tree into "sqlite"
    mkdir bld                ;#  Build will occur in a sibling directory
    cd bld                   ;#  Change to the build directory
    ../sqlite/configure      ;#  Run the configure script
    make                     ;#  Run the makefile.

The primary build products are left in the build directory.  The
primary build products are:

    libsqlite.a        The SQLite library file

    sqlite.h           A header file for SQLite

    sqlite             Command line program for accessing SQLite databases

There are some other make targets of interest:

   make test              This runs a regression test on the library.

   make gdbmdump          This builds a utility named "gdbmdump" that
                          writes out the contents of a GDBM file in a
                          readable format.  It is useful for testing and
                          debugging the library.