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Comment:Merge the latest trunk changes, including the read-only shared memory enhancement, into the apple-osx branch.
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User & Date: drh 2011-06-02 13:07:43
Merge the latest trunk changes into the apple-osx branch. check-in: 4c69e827 user: drh tags: apple-osx
Merge the latest trunk changes, including the read-only shared memory enhancement, into the apple-osx branch. check-in: ce5f95de user: drh tags: apple-osx
Merge the read-only shared memory branch into trunk. After this merge, an unprivileged process can open WAL-mode databases owned by another user as long as a database connection with write permission exists on the database file and if the readonly_shm=1 URI query parameter is supplied. check-in: 19084a66 user: drh tags: trunk
Pull all the latest trunk changes, and especially the fix for WAL cache spills causing transactions to disappear, into the apple-osx branch. check-in: 8d1a6bb0 user: drh tags: apple-osx
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Changes to ext/fts3/fts3.c.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3Int.h.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3_aux.c.

Changes to ext/rtree/rtree.c.

Changes to src/btree.c.

Changes to src/build.c.

Changes to src/delete.c.

Changes to src/expr.c.

Changes to src/os_unix.c.

Changes to src/pager.c.

Changes to src/pcache.c.

Changes to src/sqlite.h.in.

Changes to src/sqliteInt.h.

Changes to src/test1.c.

Changes to src/test_demovfs.c.

Changes to src/test_journal.c.

Changes to src/test_multiplex.c.

Changes to src/test_vfs.c.

Changes to src/test_vfstrace.c.

Changes to src/tokenize.c.

Changes to src/vdbe.c.

Changes to src/vdbe.h.

Changes to src/vdbeInt.h.

Changes to src/vdbeapi.c.

Changes to src/vdbeaux.c.

Changes to src/vdbeblob.c.

Changes to src/vtab.c.

Changes to src/wal.c.

Changes to test/e_uri.test.

Changes to test/lock_common.tcl.

Changes to test/tkt-2d1a5c67d.test.

Changes to test/uri.test.

Added test/walro.test.