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Comment:Merge the in the latest enhancements from trunk.
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SHA3-256: 8f63c5863231eba7f853f9587b58a81102c31708402fa9962a6e91aa622fad13
User & Date: drh 2017-06-28 18:07:29
Make the query planners use of partial indexes based on bound variables responsive to the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_QPSG setting. check-in: a934dd14 user: drh tags: partial-index-variables
Merge the in the latest enhancements from trunk. check-in: 8f63c586 user: drh tags: partial-index-variables
Fix harmless compiler warnings in the CSV extension. check-in: f02a5459 user: drh tags: trunk
Consider the values bound to SQL variables when determining whether or not a partial index may be used. check-in: 7b59c353 user: dan tags: partial-index-variables
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Added ext/fts5/test/fts5leftjoin.test.

Changes to ext/misc/csv.c.

Changes to src/alter.c.

Changes to src/btree.c.

Changes to src/build.c.

Changes to src/legacy.c.

Changes to src/main.c.

Changes to src/parse.y.

Changes to src/pragma.h.

Changes to src/prepare.c.

Changes to src/shell.c.

Changes to src/sqlite.h.in.

Changes to src/sqliteInt.h.

Changes to src/tclsqlite.c.

Changes to src/test1.c.

Changes to src/vdbe.c.

Changes to src/vdbeaux.c.

Changes to src/vdbemem.c.

Changes to src/whereexpr.c.

Changes to test/analyze3.test.

Changes to test/fts3join.test.

Changes to test/like.test.

Changes to test/shell1.test.

Changes to test/shell5.test.

Changes to test/tclsqlite.test.

Changes to tool/lemon.c.

Changes to tool/lempar.c.

Changes to tool/mkpragmatab.tcl.