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Comment:Merge in the latest trunk changes.
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SHA1: 5ed31c8279a4f465b982df5dc20cefc286928b93
User & Date: drh 2013-05-10 02:11:40
Factor out common operations into whereLoopAddAll(). Add stubs for missing features. check-in: 0278e420 user: drh tags: nextgen-query-plan-exp
Merge in the latest trunk changes. check-in: 5ed31c82 user: drh tags: nextgen-query-plan-exp
Free up bits of wsFlags for reuse. Install the ORDER BY optimization infrastructure for the NGQP. check-in: 82d50e19 user: drh tags: nextgen-query-plan-exp
Add assert()s to the implementation of xRead() in the built-in VFSes to verify that the offset parameter is always non-negative. check-in: cf5c3642 user: drh tags: trunk
Unified Diffs Side-by-Side Diffs Patch

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3.c.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3Int.h.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3_expr.c.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3_tokenize_vtab.c.

Added magic.txt.

Changes to src/btree.h.

Changes to src/main.c.

Changes to src/os_unix.c.

Changes to src/os_win.c.

Changes to src/pager.c.

Changes to src/pragma.c.

Changes to src/select.c.

Changes to src/shell.c.

Changes to src/sqliteInt.h.

Changes to src/test1.c.

Changes to src/test2.c.

Changes to src/test3.c.

Changes to src/test4.c.

Changes to src/test7.c.

Changes to src/test8.c.

Changes to src/test_async.c.

Changes to src/test_backup.c.

Changes to src/test_intarray.c.

Changes to src/test_malloc.c.

Changes to src/test_multiplex.c.

Changes to src/test_mutex.c.

Changes to src/test_quota.c.

Changes to src/test_rtree.c.

Changes to src/test_syscall.c.

Changes to src/test_thread.c.

Changes to src/update.c.

Changes to src/vacuum.c.

Changes to src/wal.h.

Changes to src/where.c.

Changes to test/auth.test.

Changes to test/fts3tok1.test.

Changes to test/pragma.test.

Changes to test/selectA.test.

Added test/selectE.test.

Changes to test/wal.test.

Changes to test/where9.test.

Changes to tool/showdb.c.