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Comment:Merge updates from trunk.
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SHA3-256: 53f2100a296f64d206f1caf2d754820a7898bb33b31a6ab2169957d228d5d2a0
User & Date: mistachkin 2018-02-23 13:45:05
Avoid running a test case that requires zstd in non-SQLITE_HAVE_ZSTD builds. check-in: d716dff4 user: dan tags: zonefile
Merge updates from trunk. check-in: 53f2100a user: mistachkin tags: zonefile
Fix harmless compiler warnings in the zipfile extension seen with MSVC. check-in: 15c587cf user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Add tests cases and fix some minor zonefile problems. check-in: f4d42162 user: dan tags: zonefile
Unified Diffs Side-by-Side Diffs Patch

Changes to Makefile.in.

Changes to Makefile.msc.

Changes to README.md.

Changes to ext/fts3/fts3_write.c.

Changes to ext/misc/spellfix.c.

Changes to ext/misc/zipfile.c.

Changes to main.mk.

Changes to src/attach.c.

Changes to src/btree.c.

Changes to src/global.c.

Changes to src/mutex_unix.c.

Changes to src/mutex_w32.c.

Changes to src/os_unix.c.

Changes to src/printf.c.

Changes to src/shell.c.in.

Changes to src/sqlite.h.in.

Changes to src/sqliteInt.h.

Changes to src/test_config.c.

Changes to src/vacuum.c.

Changes to src/vdbe.c.

Changes to src/wal.c.

Changes to src/wherecode.c.

Changes to src/whereexpr.c.

Changes to test/fts4onepass.test.

Changes to test/func6.test.

Changes to test/printf2.test.

Changes to test/rowvalue.test.

Changes to test/spellfix.test.

Added test/spellfix4.test.

Added test/with4.test.

Changes to tool/speed-check.sh.