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Ticket change [d357b734] - Closed ticket [f46ca03b]: The order of two operations in asyncLock() plus 6 other changes by drh 2012-11-29 14:27:13.
D 2012-11-29T14:27:13.409
J icomment We\sno\slonger\ssupport\sthe\sasync\sextension.\s\sThe\sfeatures\sprovided\r\nby\sasync\sis\snow\sprovided\sin\sa\smuch\sbetter\sway\sby\sWAL\smode.
J login drh
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J priority Immediate
J resolution Overcome_By_Events
J status Closed
J type Code_Defect
K f46ca03b55ae0ecab698c623031abbb550e1f405
U drh
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