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  <title>SQLite Change Log</title>
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<h1 align="center">Recent Changes To SQLite</h1>

This file provides a high-level summary of changes to SQLite.
For more detail, refer the the checkin logs generated by
CVS at
<a href="http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/timeline">


proc chng {date desc} {
  puts "<DT><B>$date</B></DT>"
  puts "<DD><P><UL>$desc</UL></P></DD>"

chng {2004 January 14 (2.8.11)} {
<li>Fix a bug in how the IN operator handles NULLs in subqueries.  The bug
    was introduced by the previous release.</li>

chng {2004 January 13 (2.8.10)} {
<li>Fix a potential database corruption problem on Unix caused by the fact
    that all posix advisory locks are cleared whenever you close() a file.
    The work around it to embargo all close() calls while locks are 
<li>Performance enhancements on some corner cases of COUNT(*).</li>
<li>Make sure the in-memory backend response sanely if malloc() fails.</li>
<li>Allow sqlite_exec() to be called from within user-defined SQL
<li>Improved accuracy of floating-point conversions using "long double".</li>
<li>Bug fixes in the experimental date/time functions.</li>

chng {2004 January 5 (2.8.9)} {
<li>Fix a 32-bit integer overflow problem that could result in corrupt
    indices in a database if large negative numbers (less than -2147483648)
    were inserted into a indexed numeric column.</li>
<li>Fix a locking problem on multi-threaded Linux implementations.</li>
<li>Always use "." instead of "," as the decimal point even if the locale
    requests ",".</li>
<li>Added UTC to localtime conversions to the experimental date/time
<li>Bug fixes to date/time functions.</li>

chng {2003 December 17 (2.8.8)} {
<li>Fix a critical bug introduced into 2.8.0 which could cause
    database corruption.</li>
<li>Fix a problem with 3-way joins that do not use indices</li>
<li>The VACUUM command now works with the non-callback API</li>
<li>Improvements to the "PRAGMA integrity_check" command</li>

chng {2003 December 4 (2.8.7)} {
<li>Added experimental sqlite_bind() and sqlite_reset() APIs.</li>
<li>If the name of the database is an empty string, open a new database
    in a temporary file that is automatically deleted when the database
    is closed.</li>
<li>Performance enhancements in the lemon-generated parser</li>
<li>Experimental date/time functions revised.</li>
<li>Disallow temporary indices on permanent tables.</li>
<li>Documentation updates and typo fixes</li>
<li>Added experimental sqlite_progress_handler() callback API</li>
<li>Removed support for the Oracle8 outer join syntax.</li>
<li>Allow GLOB and LIKE operators to work as functions.</li>
<li>Other minor documentation and makefile changes and bug fixes.</li>

chng {2003 August 21 (2.8.6)} {
<li>Moved the CVS repository to www.sqlite.org</li>
<li>Update the NULL-handling documentation.</li>
<li>Experimental date/time functions added.</li>
<li>Bug fix: correctly evaluate a view of a view without segfaulting.</li>
<li>Bug fix: prevent database corruption if you dropped a
    trigger that had the same name as a table.</li>
<li>Bug fix: allow a VACUUM (without segfaulting) on an empty
    database after setting the EMPTY_RESULT_CALLBACKS pragma.</li>
<li>Bug fix: if an integer value will not fit in a 32-bit int, store it in
    a double instead.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Make sure the journal file directory entry is committed to disk
    before writing the database file.</li>

chng {2003 July 22 (2.8.5)} {
<li>Make LIMIT work on a compound SELECT statement.</li>
<li>LIMIT 0 now shows no rows.  Use LIMIT -1 to see all rows.</li>
<li>Correctly handle comparisons between an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY and
    a floating point number.</li>
<li>Fix several important bugs in the new ATTACH and DETACH commands.</li>
<li>Updated the <a href="nulls.html">NULL-handling document</a>.</li> 
<li>Allow NULL arguments in sqlite_compile() and sqlite_step().</li>
<li>Many minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2003 June 29 (2.8.4)} {
<li>Enhanced the "PRAGMA integrity_check" command to verify indices.</li>
<li>Added authorization hooks for the new ATTACH and DETACH commands.</li>
<li>Many documentation updates</li>
<li>Many minor bug fixes</li>

chng {2003 June 4 (2.8.3)} {
<li>Fix a problem that will corrupt the indices on a table if you
    do an INSERT OR REPLACE or an UPDATE OR REPLACE on a table that
    contains an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY plus one or more indices.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in windows locking code so that locks work correctly
    when simultaneously accessed by Win95 and WinNT systems.</li>
<li>Add the ability for INSERT and UPDATE statements to refer to the
    "rowid" (or "_rowid_" or "oid") columns.</li>
<li>Other important bug fixes</li>

chng {2003 May 17 (2.8.2)} {
<li>Fix a problem that will corrupt the database file if you drop a
    table from the main database that has a TEMP index.</li>

chng {2003 May 16 (2.8.1)} {
<li>Reactivated the VACUUM command that reclaims unused disk space in 
    a database file.</li>
<li>Added the ATTACH and DETACH commands to allow interacting with multiple
    database files at the same time.</li>
<li>Added support for TEMP triggers and indices.</li>
<li>Added support for in-memory databases.</li>
<li>Removed the experimental sqlite_open_aux_file().  Its function is
    subsumed in the new ATTACH command.</li>
<li>The precedence order for ON CONFLICT clauses was changed so that
    ON CONFLICT clauses on BEGIN statements have a higher precedence than
    ON CONFLICT clauses on constraints.
<li>Many, many bug fixes and compatibility enhancements.</li>

chng {2003 Feb 16 (2.8.0)} {
<li>Modified the journal file format to make it more resistant to corruption
    that can occur after an OS crash or power failure.</li>
<li>Added a new C/C++ API that does not use callback for returning data.</li>

chng {2003 Jan 25 (2.7.6)} {
<li>Performance improvements.  The library is now much faster.</li>
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_set_authorizer()</b> API.  Formal documentation has
    not been written - see the source code comments for instructions on
    how to use this function.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the GLOB operator that was preventing it from working
    with upper-case letters.</li>
<li>Various minor bug fixes.</li>

chng {2002 Dec 27 (2.7.5)} {
<li>Fix an uninitialized variable in pager.c which could (with a probability
    of about 1 in 4 billion) result in a corrupted database.</li>

chng {2002 Dec 17 (2.7.4)} {
<li>Database files can now grow to be up to 2^41 bytes.  The old limit
    was 2^31 bytes.</li>
<li>The optimizer will now scan tables in the reverse if doing so will
    satisfy an ORDER BY ... DESC clause.</li>
<li>The full pathname of the database file is now remembered even if
    a relative path is passed into sqlite_open().  This allows 
    the library to continue operating correctly after a chdir().</li>
<li>Speed improvements in the VDBE.</li>
<li>Lots of little bug fixes.</li>

chng {2002 Oct 30 (2.7.3)} {
<li>Various compiler compatibility fixes.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the "expr IN ()" operator.</li>
<li>Accept column names in parentheses.</li>
<li>Fix a problem with string memory management in the VDBE</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the "table_info" pragma"</li>
<li>Export the sqlite_function_type() API function in the Windows DLL</li>
<li>Fix locking behavior under windows</li>
<li>Fix a bug in LEFT OUTER JOIN</li>

chng {2002 Sep 25 (2.7.2)} {
<li>Prevent journal file overflows on huge transactions.</li>
<li>Fix a memory leak that occurred when sqlite_open() failed.</li>
<li>Honor the ORDER BY and LIMIT clause of a SELECT even if the
    result set is used for an INSERT.</li>
<li>Do not put write locks on the file used to hold TEMP tables.</li>
<li>Added documention on SELECT DISTINCT and on how SQLite handles NULLs.</li>
<li>Fix a problem that was causing poor performance when many thousands
    of SQL statements were executed by a single sqlite_exec() call.</li>

chng {2002 Aug 31 (2.7.1)} {
<li>Fix a bug in the ORDER BY logic that was introduced in version 2.7.0</li>
<li>C-style comments are now accepted by the tokenizer.</li>
<li>INSERT runs a little faster when the source is a SELECT statement.</li>

chng {2002 Aug 25 (2.7.0)} {
<li>Make a distinction between numeric and text values when sorting.
    Text values sort according to memcmp().  Numeric values sort in
    numeric order.</li>
<li>Allow multiple simulataneous readers under windows by simulating
    the reader/writers locks that are missing from Win95/98/ME.</li>
<li>An error is now returned when trying to start a transaction if
    another transaction is already active.</li>

chng {2002 Aug 12 (2.6.3)} {
<li>Add the ability to read both little-endian and big-endian databases.
    So database created under SunOS or MacOSX can be read and written
    under Linux or Windows and vice versa.</li>
<li>Convert to the new website: http://www.sqlite.org/</li>
<li>Allow transactions to span Linux Threads</li>
<li>Bug fix in the processing of the ORDER BY clause for GROUP BY queries</li>

chng {2002 Jly 30 (2.6.2)} {
<li>Text files read by the COPY command can now have line terminators
    of LF,  CRLF, or CR.</li>
<li>SQLITE_BUSY is handled correctly if encountered during database
<li>Fix to UPDATE triggers on TEMP tables.</li>
<li>Documentation updates.</li>

chng {2002 Jly 19 (2.6.1)} {
<li>Include a static string in the library that responds to the RCS
    "ident" command and which contains the library version number.</li>
<li>Fix an assertion failure that occurred when deleting all rows of
    a table with the "count_changes" pragma turned on.</li>
<li>Better error reporting when problems occur during the automatic
    2.5.6 to 2.6.0 database format upgrade.</li>

chng {2002 Jly 17 (2.6.0)} {
<li>Change the format of indices to correct a design flaw the originated
    with version 2.1.0.  <font color="red">*** This is an incompatible
    file format change ***</font>  When version 2.6.0 or later of the
    library attempts to open a database file created by version 2.5.6 or
    earlier, it will automatically and irreversibly convert the file format.
    <b>Make backup copies of older database files before opening them with
    version 2.6.0 of the library.</b>

chng {2002 Jly 7 (2.5.6)} {
<li>Fix more problems with rollback.  Enhance the test suite to exercise
    the rollback logic extensively in order to prevent any future problems.

chng {2002 Jly 6 (2.5.5)} {
<li>Fix a bug which could cause database corruption during a rollback.
    This bugs was introduced in version 2.4.0 by the freelist
    optimization of checking [410].</li>
<li>Fix a bug in aggregate functions for VIEWs.</li>
<li>Other minor changes and enhancements.</li>

chng {2002 Jly 1 (2.5.4)} {
<li>Make the "AS" keyword optional again.</li>
<li>The datatype of columns now appear in the 4th argument to the
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_open_aux_file()</b> API, though it is still
    mostly undocumented and untested.</li>
<li>Added additional test cases and fixed a few bugs that those
    test cases found.</li>

chng {2002 Jun 24 (2.5.3)} {
<li>Bug fix:  Database corruption can occur due to the optimization
    that was introduced in version 2.4.0 (check-in [410]).  The problem
    should now be fixed.  The use of versions 2.4.0 through 2.5.2 is
    not recommended.</li>

chng {2002 Jun 24 (2.5.2)} {
<li>Added the new <b>SQLITE_TEMP_MASTER</b> table which records the schema
    for temporary tables in the same way that <b>SQLITE_MASTER</b> does for
    persistent tables.</li>
<li>Added an optimization to UNION ALL</li>
<li>Fixed a bug in the processing of LEFT OUTER JOIN</li>
<li>The LIMIT clause now works on subselects</li>
<li>ORDER BY works on subselects</li>
<li>There is a new TypeOf() function used to determine if an expression
    is numeric or text.</li>
<li>Autoincrement now works for INSERT from a SELECT.</li>

chng {2002 Jun 19 (2.5.1)} {
<li>The query optimizer now attempts to implement the ORDER BY clause
    using an index.  Sorting is still used if not suitable index is

chng {2002 Jun 17 (2.5.0)} {
<li>Added support for row triggers.</li>
<li>Added SQL-92 compliant handling of NULLs.</li>
<li>Add support for the full SQL-92 join syntax and LEFT OUTER JOINs.</li>
<li>Double-quoted strings interpreted as column names not text literals.</li>
<li>Parse (but do not implement) foreign keys.</li>
<li>Performance improvemenets in the parser, pager, and WHERE clause code
<li>Make the LIMIT clause work on subqueries.  (ORDER BY still does not
    work, though.)</li>
<li>Added the "%Q" expansion to sqlite_*_printf().</li>
<li>Bug fixes too numerious to mention (see the change log).</li>

chng {2002 May 09 (2.4.12)} {
<li>Added logic to detect when the library API routines are called out
    of sequence.</li>

chng {2002 May 08 (2.4.11)} {
<li>Bug fix: Column names in the result set were not being generated
    correctly for some (rather complex) VIEWs.  This could cause a
    segfault under certain circumstances.</li>

chng {2002 May 02 (2.4.10)} {
<li>Bug fix: Generate correct column headers when a compound SELECT is used
    as a subquery.</li>
<li>Added the sqlite_encode_binary() and sqlite_decode_binary() functions to
    the source tree.  But they are not yet linked into the library.</li>
<li>Documentation updates.</li>
<li>Export the sqlite_changes() function from windows DLLs.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Do not attempt the subquery flattening optimization on queries
    that lack a FROM clause.  To do so causes a segfault.</li>

chng {2002 Apr 21 (2.4.9)} {
<li>Fix a bug that was causing the precompiled binary of SQLITE.EXE to
    report "out of memory" under Windows 98.</li>

chng {2002 Apr 20 (2.4.8)} {
<li>Make sure VIEWs are created after their corresponding TABLEs in the
    output of the <b>.dump</b> command in the shell.</li>
<li>Speed improvements: Do not do synchronous updates on TEMP tables.</li>
<li>Many improvements and enhancements to the shell.</li>
<li>Make the GLOB and LIKE operators functions that can be overridden
    by a programmer.  This allows, for example, the LIKE operator to
    be changed to be case sensitive.</li>

chng {2002 Apr 06 (2.4.7)} {
<li>Add the ability to put TABLE.* in the column list of a
    SELECT statement.</li>
<li>Permit SELECT statements without a FROM clause.</li>
<li>Added the <b>last_insert_rowid()</b> SQL function.</li>
<li>Do not count rows where the IGNORE conflict resultion occurs in
    the row count.</li>
<li>Make sure functions expressions in the VALUES clause of an INSERT
    are correct.</li>
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_changes()</b> API function to return the number
    of row that changed in the most recent operation.</li>

chng {2002 Apr 02 (2.4.6)} {
<li>Bug fix: Correctly handle terms in the WHERE clause of a join that
    do not contain a comparison operator.</li>

chng {2002 Apr 01 (2.4.5)} {
<li>Bug fix: Correctly handle functions that appear in the WHERE clause
    of a join.</li>
<li>When the PRAGMA vdbe_trace=ON is set, correctly print the P3 operand
    value when it is a pointer to a structure rather than a pointer to
    a string.</li>
<li>When inserting an explicit NULL into an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, convert
    the NULL value into a unique key automatically.</li>

chng {2002 Mar 24 (2.4.4)} {
<li>Allow "VIEW" to be a column name</li>
<li>Added support for CASE expressions (patch from Dan Kennedy)</li>
<li>Added RPMS to the delivery (patches from Doug Henry)</li>
<li>Fix typos in the documentation</li>
<li>Cut over configuration management to a new CVS repository with
    its own CVSTrac bug tracking system.</li>

chng {2002 Mar 22 (2.4.3)} {
<li>Fix a bug in SELECT that occurs when a compound SELECT is used as a
    subquery in the FROM of a SELECT.</li>
<li>The <b>sqlite_get_table()</b> function now returns an error if you
    give it two or more SELECTs that return different numbers of columns.</li>

chng {2002 Mar 14 (2.4.2)} {
<li>Bug fix: Fix an assertion failure that occurred when ROWID was a column
    in a SELECT statement on a view.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Fix an uninitialized variable in the VDBE that would could an
    assert failure.</li>
<li>Make the os.h header file more robust in detecting when the compile is
    for windows and when it is for unix.</li>

chng {2002 Mar 13 (2.4.1)} {
<li>Using an unnamed subquery in a FROM clause would cause a segfault.</li>
<li>The parser now insists on seeing a semicolon or the end of input before
    executing a statement.  This avoids an accidental disaster if the
    WHERE keyword is misspelled in an UPDATE or DELETE statement.</li>

chng {2002 Mar 10 (2.4.0)} {
<li>Change the name of the sanity_check PRAGMA to <b>integrity_check</b>
    and make it available in all compiles.</li>
<li>SELECT min() or max() of an indexed column with no WHERE or GROUP BY
    clause is handled as a special case which avoids a complete table scan.</li>
<li>Automatically generated ROWIDs are now sequential.</li>
<li>Do not allow dot-commands of the command-line shell to occur in the
    middle of a real SQL command.</li>
<li>Modifications to the "lemon" parser generator so that the parser tables
    are 4 times smaller.</li>
<li>Added support for user-defined functions implemented in C.</li>
<li>Added support for new functions: <b>coalesce()</b>, <b>lower()</b>,
    <b>upper()</b>, and <b>random()</b>
<li>Added support for VIEWs.</li>
<li>Added the subquery flattening optimizer.</li>
<li>Modified the B-Tree and Pager modules so that disk pages that do not
    contain real data (free pages) are not journalled and are not
    written from memory back to the disk when they change.  This does not 
    impact database integrity, since the
    pages contain no real data, but it does make large INSERT operations
    about 2.5 times faster and large DELETEs about 5 times faster.</li>
<li>Made the CACHE_SIZE pragma persistent</li>
<li>Added the SYNCHRONOUS pragma</li>
<li>Fixed a bug that was causing updates to fail inside of transactions when
    the database contained a temporary table.</li>

chng {2002 Feb 18 (2.3.3)} {
<li>Allow identifiers to be quoted in square brackets, for compatibility
    with MS-Access.</li>
<li>Added support for sub-queries in the FROM clause of a SELECT.</li>
<li>More efficient implementation of sqliteFileExists() under Windows.
    (by Joel Luscy)</li>
<li>The VALUES clause of an INSERT can now contain expressions, including
    scalar SELECT clauses.</li>
<li>Added support for CREATE TABLE AS SELECT</li>
<li>Bug fix: Creating and dropping a table all within a single
    transaction was not working.</li>

chng {2002 Feb 14 (2.3.2)} {
<li>Bug fix: There was an incorrect assert() in pager.c.  The real code was
    all correct (as far as is known) so everything should work OK if you
    compile with -DNDEBUG=1.  When asserts are not disabled, there
    could be a fault.</li>

chng {2002 Feb 13 (2.3.1)} {
<li>Bug fix: An assertion was failing if "PRAGMA full_column_names=ON;" was
    set and you did a query that used a rowid, like this:  
    "SELECT rowid, * FROM ...".</li>

chng {2002 Jan 30 (2.3.0)} {
<li>Fix a serious bug in the INSERT command which was causing data to go
    into the wrong columns if the data source was a SELECT and the INSERT
    clauses specified its columns in some order other than the default.</li>
<li>Added the ability to resolve constraint conflicts is ways other than
    an abort and rollback.  See the documentation on the "ON CONFLICT"
    clause for details.</li>
<li>Temporary files are now automatically deleted by the operating system
    when closed.  There are no more dangling temporary files on a program
    crash.  (If the OS crashes, fsck will delete the file after reboot 
    under Unix.  I do not know what happens under Windows.)</li>
<li>NOT NULL constraints are honored.</li>
<li>The COPY command puts NULLs in columns whose data is '\N'.</li>
<li>In the COPY command, backslash can now be used to escape a newline.</li>
<li>Added the SANITY_CHECK pragma.</li>

chng {2002 Jan 28 (2.2.5)} {
<li>Important bug fix: the IN operator was not working if either the
    left-hand or right-hand side was derived from an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY.</li>
<li>Do not escape the backslash '\' character in the output of the
    <b>sqlite</b> command-line access program.</li>

chng {2002 Jan 22 (2.2.4)} {
<li>The label to the right of an AS in the column list of a SELECT can now
    be used as part of an expression in the WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, and/or
    HAVING clauses.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the <b>-separator</b> command-line option to the <b>sqlite</b>
<li>Fix a problem with the sort order when comparing upper-case strings against
    characters greater than 'Z' but less than 'a'.</li>
<li>Report an error if an ORDER BY or GROUP BY expression is constant.</li>

chng {2002 Jan 16 (2.2.3)} {
<li>Fix warning messages in VC++ 7.0.  (Patches from nicolas352001)</li>
<li>Make the library thread-safe.  (The code is there and appears to work
    but has not been stressed.)</li>
<li>Added the new <b>sqlite_last_insert_rowid()</b> API function.</li>

chng {2002 Jan 13 (2.2.2)} {
<li>Bug fix: An assertion was failing when a temporary table with an index
    had the same name as a permanent table created by a separate process.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Updates to tables containing an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY and an
    index could fail.</li>

chng {2002 Jan 9 (2.2.1)} {
<li>Bug fix: An attempt to delete a single row of a table with a WHERE
    clause of "ROWID=x" when no such rowid exists was causing an error.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Passing in a NULL as the 3rd parameter to <b>sqlite_open()</b>
    would sometimes cause a coredump.</li>
<li>Bug fix: DROP TABLE followed by a CREATE TABLE with the same name all
    within a single transaction was causing a coredump.</li>
<li>Makefile updates from A. Rottmann</li>

chng {2001 Dec 22 (2.2.0)} {
<li>Columns of type INTEGER PRIMARY KEY are actually used as the primary
    key in underlying B-Tree representation of the table.</li>
<li>Several obscure, unrelated bugs were found and fixed while 
    implemented the integer primary key change of the previous bullet.</li>
<li>Added the ability to specify "*" as part of a larger column list in
    the result section of a SELECT statement.  For example:
    <nobr>"<b>SELECT rowid, * FROM table1;</b>"</nobr>.</li>
<li>Updates to comments and documentation.</li>

chng {2001 Dec 14 (2.1.7)} {
<li>Fix a bug in <b>CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE</b> which was causing the
    table to be initially allocated in the main database file instead
    of in the separate temporary file.  This bug could cause the library
    to suffer an assertion failure and it could cause "page leaks" in the
    main database file.
<li>Fix a bug in the b-tree subsystem that could sometimes cause the first
    row of a table to be repeated during a database scan.</li>

chng {2001 Dec 14 (2.1.6)} {
<li>Fix the locking mechanism yet again to prevent
    <b>sqlite_exec()</b> from returning SQLITE_PROTOCOL
    unnecessarily.  This time the bug was a race condition in
    the locking code.  This change effects both POSIX and Windows users.</li>

chng {2001 Dec 6 (2.1.5)} {
<li>Fix for another problem (unrelated to the one fixed in 2.1.4) 
    that sometimes causes <b>sqlite_exec()</b> to return SQLITE_PROTOCOL
    unnecessarily.  This time the bug was
    in the POSIX locking code and should not effect windows users.</li>

chng {2001 Dec 4 (2.1.4)} {
<li>Sometimes <b>sqlite_exec()</b> would return SQLITE_PROTOCOL when it
    should have returned SQLITE_BUSY.</li>
<li>The fix to the previous bug uncovered a deadlock which was also
<li>Add the ability to put a single .command in the second argument
    of the sqlite shell</li>
<li>Updates to the FAQ</li>

chng {2001 Nov 23 (2.1.3)} {
<li>Fix the behavior of comparison operators 
    (ex: "<b>&lt</b>", "<b>==</b>", etc.)
    so that they are consistent with the order of entries in an index.</li>
<li>Correct handling of integers in SQL expressions that are larger than
    what can be represented by the machine integer.</li>

chng {2001 Nov 22 (2.1.2)} {
<li>Changes to support 64-bit architectures.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the locking protocol.</li>
<li>Fix a bug that could (rarely) cause the database to become 
    unreadable after a DROP TABLE due to corruption to the SQLITE_MASTER
<li>Change the code so that version 2.1.1 databases that were rendered 
    unreadable by the above bug can be read by this version of
    the library even though the SQLITE_MASTER table is (slightly)

chng {2001 Nov 13 (2.1.1)} {
<li>Bug fix: Sometimes arbirary strings were passed to the callback
    function when the actual value of a column was NULL.</li>

chng {2001 Nov 12 (2.1.0)} {
<li>Change the format of data records so that records up to 16MB in size
    can be stored.</li>
<li>Change the format of indices to allow for better query optimization.</li>
<li>Implement the "LIMIT ... OFFSET ..." clause on SELECT statements.</li>

chng {2001 Nov 3 (2.0.8)} {
<li>Made selected parameters in API functions <b>const</b>. This should
    be fully backwards compatible.</li>
<li>Documentation updates</li>
<li>Simplify the design of the VDBE by restricting the number of sorters
    and lists to 1.
    In practice, no more than one sorter and one list was ever used anyhow.

chng {2001 Oct 21 (2.0.7)} {
<li>Any UTF-8 character or ISO8859 character can be used as part of
    an identifier.</li>
<li>Patches from Christian Werner to improve ODBC compatibility and to
    fix a bug in the round() function.</li>
<li>Plug some memory leaks that use to occur if malloc() failed.
    We have been and continue to be memory leak free as long as
    malloc() works.</li>
<li>Changes to some test scripts so that they work on Windows in
    addition to Unix.</li>

chng {2001 Oct 19 (2.0.6)} {
<li>Added the EMPTY_RESULT_CALLBACKS pragma</li>
<li>Support for UTF-8 and ISO8859 characters in column and table names.</li>
<li>Bug fix: Compute correct table names with the FULL_COLUMN_NAMES pragma
    is turned on.</li>

chng {2001 Oct 14 (2.0.5)} {
<li>Added the COUNT_CHANGES pragma.</li>
<li>Changes to the FULL_COLUMN_NAMES pragma to help out the ODBC driver.</li>
<li>Bug fix: "SELECT count(*)" was returning NULL for empty tables.
    Now it returns 0.</li>

chng {2001 Oct 13 (2.0.4)} {
<li>Bug fix: an abscure and relatively harmless bug was causing one of
    the tests to fail when gcc optimizations are turned on.  This release
    fixes the problem.</li>

chng {2001 Oct 13 (2.0.3)} {
<li>Bug fix: the <b>sqlite_busy_timeout()</b> function was delaying 1000
    times too long before failing.</li>
<li>Bug fix: an assertion was failing if the disk holding the database
    file became full or stopped accepting writes for some other reason.
    New tests were added to detect similar problems in the future.</li>
<li>Added new operators: <b>&amp;</b> (bitwise-and)
    <b>|</b> (bitwise-or), <b>~</b> (ones-complement),
    <b>&lt;&lt;</b> (shift left), <b>&gt;&gt;</b> (shift right).</li>
<li>Added new functions: <b>round()</b> and <b>abs()</b>.</li>

chng {2001 Oct 9 (2.0.2)} {
<li>Fix two bugs in the locking protocol.  (One was masking the other.)</li>
<li>Removed some unused "#include <unistd.h>" that were causing problems
    for VC++.</li>
<li>Fixed <b>sqlite.h</b> so that it is usable from C++</li>
<li>Added the FULL_COLUMN_NAMES pragma.  When set to "ON", the names of
    columns are reported back as TABLE.COLUMN instead of just COLUMN.</li>
<li>Added the TABLE_INFO() and INDEX_INFO() pragmas to help support the
    ODBC interface.</li>
<li>Added support for TEMPORARY tables and indices.</li>

chng {2001 Oct 2 (2.0.1)} {
<li>Remove some C++ style comments from btree.c so that it will compile
    using compilers other than gcc.</li>
<li>The ".dump" output from the shell does not work if there are embedded
    newlines anywhere in the data.  This is an old bug that was carried
    forward from version 1.0.  To fix it, the ".dump" output no longer
    uses the COPY command.  It instead generates INSERT statements.</li>
<li>Extend the expression syntax to support "expr NOT NULL" (with a
    space between the "NOT" and the "NULL") in addition to "expr NOTNULL"
    (with no space).</li>

chng {2001 Sep 28 (2.0.0)} {
<li>Automatically build binaries for Linux and Windows and put them on
    the website.</li>

chng {2001 Sep 28 (2.0-alpha-4)} {
<li>Incorporate makefile patches form A. Rottmann to use LIBTOOL</li>

chng {2001 Sep 27 (2.0-alpha-3)} {
<li>SQLite now honors the UNIQUE keyword in CREATE UNIQUE INDEX.  Primary
    keys are required to be unique.</li>
<li>File format changed back to what it was for alpha-1</li>
<li>Fixes to the rollback and locking behavior</li>

chng {2001 Sep 20 (2.0-alpha-2)} {
<li>Initial release of version 2.0.  The idea of renaming the library
    to "SQLus" was abandoned in favor of keeping the "SQLite" name and
    bumping the major version number.</li>
<li>The pager and btree subsystems added back. They are now the only
    available backend.</li>
<li>The Dbbe abstraction and the GDBM and memory drivers were removed.</li>
<li>Copyright on all code was disclaimed.  The library is now in the
    public domain.</li>

chng {2001 Jul 23 (1.0.32)} {
<li>Pager and btree subsystems removed.  These will be used in a follow-on
    SQL server library named "SQLus".</li>
<li>Add the ability to use quoted strings as table and column names in

chng {2001 Apr 14 (1.0.31)} {
<li>Pager subsystem added but not yet used.</li>
<li>More robust handling of out-of-memory errors.</li>
<li>New tests added to the test suite.</li>

chng {2001 Apr 6 (1.0.30)} {
<li>Remove the <b>sqlite_encoding</b> TCL variable that was introduced
    in the previous version.</li>
<li>Add options <b>-encoding</b> and <b>-tcl-uses-utf</b> to the
    <b>sqlite</b> TCL command.</li>
<li>Add tests to make sure that tclsqlite was compiled using Tcl header
    files and libraries that match.</li>

chng {2001 Apr 5 (1.0.29)} {
<li>The library now assumes data is stored as UTF-8 if the --enable-utf8
    option is given to configure.  The default behavior is to assume
    iso8859-x, as it has always done.  This only makes a difference for
    LIKE and GLOB operators and the LENGTH and SUBSTR functions.</li>
<li>If the library is not configured for UTF-8 and the Tcl library
    is one of the newer ones that uses UTF-8 internally,
    then a conversion from UTF-8 to iso8859 and
    back again is done inside the TCL interface.</li>

chng {2001 Apr 4 (1.0.28)} {
<li>Added limited support for transactions.  At this point, transactions
    will do table locking on the GDBM backend.  There is no support (yet)
    for rollback or atomic commit.</li>
<li>Added special column names ROWID, OID, and _ROWID_ that refer to the
    unique random integer key associated with every row of every table.</li>
<li>Additional tests added to the regression suite to cover the new ROWID
    feature and the TCL interface bugs mentioned below.</li>
<li>Changes to the "lemon" parser generator to help it work better when
    compiled using MSVC.</li>
<li>Bug fixes in the TCL interface identified by Oleg Oleinick.</li>

chng {2001 Mar 20 (1.0.27)} {
<li>When doing DELETE and UPDATE, the library used to write the record
    numbers of records to be deleted or updated into a temporary file.
    This is changed so that the record numbers are held in memory.</li>
<li>The DELETE command without a WHILE clause just removes the database
    files from the disk, rather than going through and deleting record
    by record.</li>

chng {2001 Mar 20 (1.0.26)} {
<li>A serious bug fixed on Windows.  Windows users should upgrade.
    No impact to Unix.</li>

chng {2001 Mar 15 (1.0.25)} {
<li>Modify the test scripts to identify tests that depend on system
    load and processor speed and
    to warn the user that a failure of one of those (rare) tests does
    not necessarily mean the library is malfunctioning.  No changes to

chng {2001 Mar 14 (1.0.24)} {
<li>Fix a bug which was causing
    the UPDATE command to fail on systems where "malloc(0)" returns
    NULL.  The problem does not appear Windows, Linux, or HPUX but does 
    cause the library to fail on QNX.

chng {2001 Feb 19 (1.0.23)} {
<li>An unrelated (and minor) bug from Mark Muranwski fixed.  The algorithm
    for figuring out where to put temporary files for a "memory:" database
    was not working quite right.

chng {2001 Feb 19 (1.0.22)} {
<li>The previous fix was not quite right.  This one seems to work better.

chng {2001 Feb 19 (1.0.21)} {
<li>The UPDATE statement was not working when the WHERE clause contained
    some terms that could be satisfied using indices and other terms that
    could not.  Fixed.</li>

chng {2001 Feb 11 (1.0.20)} {
<li>Merge development changes into the main trunk.  Future work toward
    using a BTree file structure will use a separate CVS source tree.  This
    CVS tree will continue to support the GDBM version of SQLite only.</li>

chng {2001 Feb 6 (1.0.19)} {
<li>Fix a strange (but valid) C declaration that was causing problems
    for QNX.  No logical changes.</li>

chng {2001 Jan 4 (1.0.18)} {
<li>Print the offending SQL statement when an error occurs.</li>
<li>Do not require commas between constraints in CREATE TABLE statements.</li>
<li>Added the "-echo" option to the shell.</li>
<li>Changes to comments.</li>

chng {2000 Dec 10 (1.0.17)} {
<li>Rewrote <b>sqlite_complete()</b> to make it faster.</li>
<li>Minor tweaks to other code to make it run a little faster.</li>
<li>Added new tests for <b>sqlite_complete()</b> and for memory leaks.</li>

chng {2000 Dec 4 (1.0.16)} {
<li>Documentation updates.  Mostly fixing of typos and spelling errors.</li>

chng {2000 Oct 23 (1.0.15)} {
<li>Documentation updates</li>
<li>Some sanity checking code was removed from the inner loop of vdbe.c
    to help the library to run a little faster.  The code is only
    removed if you compile with -DNDEBUG.</li>

chng {2000 Oct 19 (1.0.14)} {
<li>Added a "memory:" backend driver that stores its database in an
    in-memory hash table.</li>

chng {2000 Oct 18 (1.0.13)} {
<li>Break out the GDBM driver into a separate file in anticipation
    to added new drivers.</li>
<li>Allow the name of a database to be prefixed by the driver type.
    For now, the only driver type is "gdbm:".</li>

chng {2000 Oct 16 (1.0.12)} {
<li>Fixed an off-by-one error that was causing a coredump in 
    the '%q' format directive of the new
    <b>sqlite_..._printf()</b> routines.</li>
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_interrupt()</b> interface.</li>
<li>In the shell, <b>sqlite_interrupt()</b> is invoked when the
    user presses Control-C</li>
<li>Fixed some instances where <b>sqlite_exec()</b> was
    returning the wrong error code.</li>

chng {2000 Oct 11 (1.0.10)} {
<li>Added notes on how to compile for Windows95/98.</li>
<li>Removed a few variables that were not being used.  Etc.</li>

chng {2000 Oct 8 (1.0.9)} {
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_..._printf()</b> interface routines.</li>
<li>Modified the <b>sqlite</b> shell program to use the new interface 
<li>Modified the <b>sqlite</b> shell program to print the schema for
    the built-in SQLITE_MASTER table, if explicitly requested.</li>

chng {2000 Sep 30 (1.0.8)} {
<li>Begin writing documentation on the TCL interface.</li>

chng {2000 Sep 29 (Not Released)} {
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_get_table()</b> API</li>
<li>Updated the documentation for due to the above change.</li>
<li>Modified the <b>sqlite</b> shell to make use of the new
    sqlite_get_table() API in order to print a list of tables
    in multiple columns, similar to the way "ls" prints filenames.</li>
<li>Modified the <b>sqlite</b> shell to print a semicolon at the
    end of each CREATE statement in the output of the ".schema" command.</li>

chng {2000 Sep 21 (Not Released)} {
<li>Change the tclsqlite "eval" method to return a list of results if
    no callback script is specified.</li>
<li>Change tclsqlite.c to use the Tcl_Obj interface</li>
<li>Add tclsqlite.c to the libsqlite.a library</li>

chng {2000 Sep 13 (Version 1.0.5)} {
<li>Changed the print format for floating point values from "%g" to "%.15g".
<li>Changed the comparison function so that numbers in exponential notation
    (ex: 1.234e+05) sort in numerical order.</li>

chng {2000 Aug 28 (Version 1.0.4)} {
<li>Added functions <b>length()</b> and <b>substr()</b>.</li>
<li>Fix a bug in the <b>sqlite</b> shell program that was causing
    a coredump when the output mode was "column" and the first row
    of data contained a NULL.</li>

chng {2000 Aug 22 (Version 1.0.3)} {
<li>In the sqlite shell, print the "Database opened READ ONLY" message
    to stderr instead of stdout.</li>
<li>In the sqlite shell, now print the version number on initial startup.</li>
<li>Add the <b>sqlite_version[]</b> string constant to the library</li>
<li>Makefile updates</li>
<li>Bug fix: incorrect VDBE code was being generated for the following
    circumstance: a query on an indexed table containing a WHERE clause with
    an IN operator that had a subquery on its right-hand side.</li>

chng {2000 Aug 18 (Version 1.0.1)} {
<li>Fix a bug in the configure script.</li>
<li>Minor revisions to the website.</li>

chng {2000 Aug 17 (Version 1.0)} {
<li>Change the <b>sqlite</b> program so that it can read
    databases for which it lacks write permission.  (It used to
    refuse all access if it could not write.)</li>

chng {2000 Aug 9} {
<li>Treat carriage returns as white space.</li>

chng {2000 Aug 8} {
<li>Added pattern matching to the ".table" command in the "sqlite"
command shell.</li>

chng {2000 Aug 4} {
<li>Documentation updates</li>
<li>Added "busy" and "timeout" methods to the Tcl interface</li>

chng {2000 Aug 3} {
<li>File format version number was being stored in sqlite_master.tcl
    multiple times. This was harmless, but unnecessary. It is now fixed.</li>

chng {2000 Aug 2} {
<li>The file format for indices was changed slightly in order to work
    around an inefficiency that can sometimes come up with GDBM when
    there are large indices having many entries with the same key.
    <font color="red">** Incompatible Change **</font></li>

chng {2000 Aug 1} {
<li>The parser's stack was overflowing on a very long UPDATE statement.
    This is now fixed.</li>

chng {2000 July 31} {
<li>Finish the <a href="vdbe.html">VDBE tutorial</a>.</li>
<li>Added documentation on compiling to WindowsNT.</li>
<li>Fix a configuration program for WindowsNT.</li>
<li>Fix a configuration problem for HPUX.</li>

chng {2000 July 29} {
<li>Better labels on column names of the result.</li>

chng {2000 July 28} {
<li>Added the <b>sqlite_busy_handler()</b> 
    and <b>sqlite_busy_timeout()</b> interface.</li>

chng {2000 June 23} {
<li>Begin writing the <a href="vdbe.html">VDBE tutorial</a>.</li>

chng {2000 June 21} {
<li>Clean up comments and variable names.  Changes to documentation.
    No functional changes to the code.</li>

chng {2000 June 19} {
<li>Column names in UPDATE statements were case sensitive.
    This mistake has now been fixed.</li>

chng {2000 June 16} {
<li>Added the concatenate string operator (||)</li>

chng {2000 June 12} {
<li>Added the fcnt() function to the SQL interpreter.  The fcnt() function
    returns the number of database "Fetch" operations that have occurred.
    This function is designed for use in test scripts to verify that
    queries are efficient and appropriately optimized.  Fcnt() has no other
    useful purpose, as far as I know.</li>
<li>Added a bunch more tests that take advantage of the new fcnt() function.
    The new tests did not uncover any new problems.</li>

chng {2000 June 8} {
<li>Added lots of new test cases</li>
<li>Fix a few bugs discovered while adding test cases</li>
<li>Begin adding lots of new documentation</li>

chng {2000 June 6} {
<li>Added compound select operators: <B>UNION</b>, <b>UNION ALL</B>,
<b>INTERSECT</b>, and <b>EXCEPT</b></li>
<li>Added support for using <b>(SELECT ...)</b> within expressions</li>
<li>Added support for <b>IN</b> and <b>BETWEEN</b> operators</li>
<li>Added support for <b>GROUP BY</b> and <b>HAVING</b></li>
<li>NULL values are now reported to the callback as a NULL pointer
    rather than an empty string.</li>

chng {2000 June 3} {
<li>Added support for default values on columns of a table.</li>
<li>Improved test coverage.  Fixed a few obscure bugs found by the
improved tests.</li>

chng {2000 June 2} {
<li>All database files to be modified by an UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE are 
now locked before any changes are made to any files.  
This makes it safe (I think) to access
the same database simultaneously from multiple processes.</li>
<li>The code appears stable so we are now calling it "beta".</li>

chng {2000 June 1} {
<li>Better support for file locking so that two or more processes 
(or threads)
can access the same database simultaneously.  More work needed in
this area, though.</li>

chng {2000 May 31} {
<li>Added support for aggregate functions (Ex: <b>COUNT(*)</b>, <b>MIN(...)</b>)
to the SELECT statement.</li>
<li>Added support for <B>SELECT DISTINCT ...</B></li>

chng {2000 May 30} {
<li>Added the <b>LIKE</b> operator.</li>
<li>Added a <b>GLOB</b> operator: similar to <B>LIKE</B> 
but it uses Unix shell globbing wildcards instead of the '%' 
and '_' wildcards of SQL.</li>
<li>Added the <B>COPY</b> command patterned after 
<a href="http://www.postgresql.org/">PostgreSQL</a> so that SQLite
can now read the output of the <b>pg_dump</b> database dump utility
of PostgreSQL.</li>
<li>Added a <B>VACUUM</B> command that that calls the 
<b>gdbm_reorganize()</b> function on the underlying database
<li>And many, many bug fixes...</li>

chng {2000 May 29} {
<li>Initial Public Release of Alpha code</li>

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