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C API: Recover snapshots from a wal file
If a WAL file remains on disk after all database connections close (either through the use of the SQLITE_FCNTL_PERSIST_WAL file control or because the last process to have the database opened exited without calling sqlite3_close()) and a new connection is ... 
WAL-mode File Format
This document describes low-level details on how WAL mode is implemented on unix and windows. The separate file format description provides details on the structure of a database file and of the write-head log file used in WAL ... 
Write-Ahead Logging
3. Activating And Configuring WAL Mode  ... To convert to WAL mode, use the following pragma: PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL; The journal_mode pragma returns a string which is the new journal mode. On success, the pragma will return the string "wal". If the conversion to WAL could not ... 
C API: Translate filenames
sqlite3_filename_database(), sqlite3_filename_journal(), sqlite3_filename_wal()
These routines are available to custom VFS implementations for translating filenames between the main database file, the journal file, and the WAL file. If F is the name of an sqlite database file, journal file, or WAL file passed by ... 
C API: Record A Database Snapshot
 ... One or more transactions must have been written to the current wal file since it was created on disk (by any connection). This means that a snapshot cannot be taken on a wal mode database with no wal file immediately ... 
 ... Additionally, the result of the comparison is only valid if both of the snapshot handles were obtained by calling sqlite3_snapshot_get() since the last time the wal file was deleted. The wal file is deleted when the database is changed back ... 
C API: Database Snapshot
struct sqlite3_snapshot
An instance of the snapshot object records the state of a WAL mode database for some specific point in history. In WAL mode, multiple database connections that are open on the same database file can each be reading a different ... 
 ... A database connection might not know that the database file is in WAL mode if there has been no prior I/O on that database connection, or if the database entered WAL mode after the most recent I/O on ... 
C API: Checkpoint a database
 ... If pnLog is not NULL, then *pnLog is set to the total number of frames in the log file or to -1 if the checkpoint could not run because of an error or because the database is not in WAL ... 
C API: Standard File Control Opcodes
 ... That integer is 0 to disable persistent WAL mode or 1 to enable persistent WAL mode. If the integer is -1, then it is overwritten with the current WAL persistence setting. The SQLITE_FCNTL_POWERSAFE_OVERWRITE opcode is used to set or query ... 


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