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SQLite Release 3.8.2 On 2013-12-06

  1. Changed the defined behavior for the CAST expression when floating point values greater than +9223372036854775807 are cast into integers so that the result is the largest possible integer, +9223372036854775807, instead of the smallest possible integer, -9223372036854775808. After this change, CAST(9223372036854775809.0 as INT) yields +9223372036854775807 instead of -9223372036854775808.  Potentially Incompatible Change!
  2. Added support for WITHOUT ROWID tables.
  3. Added the skip-scan optimization to the query planner.
  4. Extended the virtual table interface, and in particular the sqlite3_index_info object to allow a virtual table to report its estimate on the number of rows that will be returned by a query.
  5. Update the R-Tree extension to make use of the enhanced virtual table interface.
  6. Add the SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS compile-time option.
  7. Enhanced the comments that are inserted into EXPLAIN output when the SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS compile-time option is enabled.
  8. Performance enhancements in the VDBE, especially to the OP_Column opcode.
  9. Factor constant subexpressions in inner loops out to the initialization code in prepared statements.
  10. Enhanced the ".explain" output formatting of the command-line shell so that loops are indented to better show the structure of the program.
  11. Enhanced the ".timer" feature of the command-line shell so that it shows wall-clock time in addition to system and user times.
  12. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2013-12-06 14:53:30 27392118af4c38c5203a04b8013e1afdb1cebd0d"
  13. SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 6422c7d69866f5ea3db0968f67ee596e7114544e

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