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SQLite C Interface

Run-Time Library Compilation Options Diagnostics

int sqlite3_compileoption_used(const char *zOptName);
const char *sqlite3_compileoption_get(int N);
# define sqlite3_compileoption_used(X) 0
# define sqlite3_compileoption_get(X)  ((void*)0)

R-40383-06816:[The sqlite3_compileoption_used() function returns 0 or 1 indicating whether the specified option was defined at compile time. ] R-65388-41786:[The SQLITE_ prefix may be omitted from the option name passed to sqlite3_compileoption_used(). ]

R-08023-12605:[The sqlite3_compileoption_get() function allows iterating over the list of options that were defined at compile time by returning the N-th compile time option string. ] R-41519-43313:[If N is out of range, sqlite3_compileoption_get() returns a NULL pointer. ] R-23486-28813:[The SQLITE_ prefix is omitted from any strings returned by sqlite3_compileoption_get(). ]

R-16824-07538:[Support for the diagnostic functions sqlite3_compileoption_used() and sqlite3_compileoption_get() may be omitted by specifying the SQLITE_OMIT_COMPILEOPTION_DIAGS option at compile time. ]

See also: SQL functions sqlite_compileoption_used() and sqlite_compileoption_get() and the compile_options pragma.

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