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SQLite C Interface

Constants Defining Special Destructor Behavior

typedef void (*sqlite3_destructor_type)(void*);
#define SQLITE_STATIC      ((sqlite3_destructor_type)0)
#define SQLITE_TRANSIENT   ((sqlite3_destructor_type)-1)

These are special values for the destructor that is passed in as the final argument to routines like sqlite3_result_blob(). R-31518-37056:[If the destructor argument is SQLITE_STATIC, it means that the content pointer is constant and will never change. ] It does not need to be destroyed. R-15807-22461:[The SQLITE_TRANSIENT value means that the content will likely change in the near future and that SQLite should make its own private copy of the content before returning. ]

The typedef is necessary to work around problems in certain C++ compilers.

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