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SQLite C Interface

Compile-Time Library Version Numbers

#define SQLITE_VERSION        "3.40.0"
#define SQLITE_SOURCE_ID      "2022-11-16 12:10:08 89c459e766ea7e9165d0beeb124708b955a4950d0f4792f457465d71b158d318"

R-59182-40522:[The SQLITE_VERSION C preprocessor macro in the sqlite3.h header evaluates to a string literal that is the SQLite version in the format "X.Y.Z" where X is the major version number (always 3 for SQLite3) and Y is the minor version number and Z is the release number. ] R-55312-58443:[The SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER C preprocessor macro resolves to an integer with the value (X*1000000 + Y*1000 + Z) where X, Y, and Z are the same numbers used in SQLITE_VERSION. ] The SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER for any given release of SQLite will also be larger than the release from which it is derived. Either Y will be held constant and Z will be incremented or else Y will be incremented and Z will be reset to zero.

Since version 3.6.18 (2009-09-11), SQLite source code has been stored in the Fossil configuration management system. R-30358-48480:[The SQLITE_SOURCE_ID macro evaluates to a string which identifies a particular check-in of SQLite within its configuration management system. ] R-31130-45753:[The SQLITE_SOURCE_ID string contains the date and time of the check-in (UTC) and a SHA1 or SHA3-256 hash of the entire source tree. ] If the source code has been edited in any way since it was last checked in, then the last four hexadecimal digits of the hash may be modified.

See also: sqlite3_libversion(), sqlite3_libversion_number(), sqlite3_sourceid(), sqlite_version() and sqlite_source_id().

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