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High Reliability

SQLite is a high-reliability storage solution. It does not give problems. It just works.

The high-reliability of SQLite is proven in practice. SQLite has been used without problems in multiple billions of smart-phones, IoT devices, and desktop applications, around the world, and for almost two decades.

SQLite responds gracefully to system errors. Obscure out-of-memory and I/O errors are reported back up to the application. These error reporting paths are all carefully tested to ensure they will always work.

SQLite is resilient in the face of corrupt inputs, including maliciously designed database files and SQL strings. Extensive fuzz-testing ensures that corrupt inputs will not lead to crashes or undefined behavior, but will instead cause sensible errors to be reported back to the application. (More...)

SQLite is built using a DO-178B-inspired process. The testing standards for SQLite are among the highest for commercial software.

SQLite is open-source but it is not open-contribution. All the code in SQLite is written by a small team of experts. The project does not accept "pull requests" or patches from anonymous passers-by on the internet.

The developers of SQLite intend to support the product through the year 2050. To this end, the source code is carefully documented to promote long-term maintainability. We prefer mature and stable over trendy and cutting-edge.

All of these factors combine to make SQLite a very trouble-free software library.

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