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SQLite Release 3.32.1 On 2020-05-25

Prior changes from version 3.32.0 (2020-05-22):

  1. Added support for approximate ANALYZE using the PRAGMA analysis_limit command.
  2. Added the bytecode virtual table.
  3. Add the checksum VFS shim to the set of run-time loadable extensions included in the source tree.
  4. Added the iif() SQL function.
  5. INSERT and UPDATE statements now always apply column affinity before computing CHECK constraints. This bug fix could, in theory, cause problems for legacy databases with unorthodox CHECK constraints the require the input type for an INSERT is different from the declared column type. See ticket 86ba67afafded936 for more information.
  6. Added the sqlite3_create_filename(), sqlite3_free_filename(), and sqlite3_database_file_object() interfaces to better support of VFS shim implementations.
  7. Increase the default upper bound on the number of parameters from 999 to 32766.
  8. Added code for the UINT collating sequence as an optional loadable extension.
  9. Enhancements to the CLI:
    1. Add options to the .import command: --csv, --ascii, --skip
    2. The .dump command now accepts multiple LIKE-pattern arguments and outputs the union of all matching tables.
    3. Add the .oom command in debugging builds
    4. Add the --bom option to the .excel, .output, and .once commands.
    5. Enhance the .filectrl command to support the --schema option.
    6. The UINT collating sequence extension is automatically loaded
  10. The ESCAPE clause of a LIKE operator now overrides wildcard characters, so that the behavior matches what PostgreSQL does.

Changes in this specific patch release, version 3.32.1 (2020-05-25):

  1. Fix two long-standing bugs that allow malicious SQL statements to crash the process that is running SQLite. These bugs were announced by a third-party approximately 24 hours after the 3.32.0 release but are not specific to the 3.32.0 release.
  2. Other minor compiler-warning fixes and whatnot.


  3. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: 2020-05-25 16:19:56 0c1fcf4711a2e66c813aed38cf41cd3e2123ee8eb6db98118086764c4ba83350
  4. SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: f695ae21abf045e4ee77980a67ab2c6e03275009e593ee860a2eabf840482372

A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page and a chronology are both also available. A detailed history of every check-in is available at SQLite version control site.

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