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Comment:Fix typo in the when-to-use document.
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User & Date: drh 2016-07-15 02:59:49
Update docs for sqlite3_trace_v2(). Leaf check-in: f5fc8bf5d8 user: drh tags: sqlite3_trace_v2
Fix typo in the how-to-corrupt document. check-in: d23e6d047a user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Fix typo in the when-to-use document. check-in: faf1f46a56 user: drh tags: trunk
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   240    240   <ul>
   241    241   <li><p><b>Client/Server Applications</b><p>
   242    242   
   243    243   <p>If there are many client programs sending SQL to the same 
   244    244   database over a network, then use a client/server database
   245    245   engine instead of SQLite.  SQLite will work over a network filesystem,
   246    246   but because of the latency associated with most network filesystems,
   247         -performance will not be great.  Also, file locking logic is buggy
          247  +performance will not be great.  Also, file locking logic is buggy in
   248    248   many network filesystem implementations (on both Unix and Windows).
   249    249   If file locking does not work correctly,
   250    250   two or more clients might try to modify the
   251    251   same part of the same database at the same time, resulting in 
   252    252   corruption.  Because this problem results from bugs in
   253    253   the underlying filesystem implementation, there is nothing SQLite
   254    254   can do to prevent it.</p>