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Comment:Clarify the behavior of AUTOINCREMENT after an UPDATE.
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SHA1: f6e2eab4e71644b1a8f695e618adc5406a1a1ee0
User & Date: drh 2017-02-02 23:55:23
Clarify wording about PRAGMA synchronous=NORMAL and WAL mode. check-in: 7660cac647 user: drh tags: trunk
Clarify the behavior of AUTOINCREMENT after an UPDATE. check-in: f6e2eab4e7 user: drh tags: trunk
Update the wording on the description of the WHEN clause on triggers. check-in: 09d3dc5c51 user: drh tags: trunk
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    91     91   
    92     92   <h1>The AUTOINCREMENT Keyword</h1>
    93     93   
    94     94   <p>
    95     95   ^If a column has the type INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT then a slightly
    96     96   different ROWID selection algorithm is used.  
    97     97   ^The ROWID chosen for the new row is at least one larger than the largest ROWID
    98         -that has ever before been inserted in that same table.  ^If the table has never
           98  +that has ever before existed in that same table.  ^If the table has never
    99     99   before contained any data, then a ROWID of 1 is used.  ^If the largest possible
   100    100   ROWID has previously been inserted, then
   101    101   new INSERTs are not allowed and any attempt to insert a new row will
   102    102   fail with an SQLITE_FULL error.  
   103    103   ^(Only ROWID values from previous transactions that
   104    104   were committed are considered.  ROWID values that were rolled back
   105    105   are ignored and can be reused.)^