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    21     21   If you are an SQLite user whose has stumbled over some quirk of
    22     22   SQLite that is not mentioned here, please send us an email so that
    23     23   we can document the problem.
    24     24   
    25     25   <h1>SQLite Is Embedded, Not Client-Server</h1>
    26     26   
    27     27   <p>
    28         -When ever comparing SQLite to other SQL database engines like
           28  +Whenever comparing SQLite to other SQL database engines like
    29     29   SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Oracle, it is important first of all
    30     30   to realize that SQLite is not intended as a replacement or competitor to
    31     31   any of those systems.  SQLite is [serverless].  There is no separate
    32         -server process that manages the database.  An application interact
    33         -with the database engine using function calls, not be sending messages
           32  +server process that manages the database.  An application interacts
           33  +with the database engine using function calls, not by sending messages
    34     34   to a separate process or thread.
    35     35   
    36     36   <p>
    37     37   The fact that SQLite is embedded and [serverless] instead of being
    38     38   client/server is a feature, not a bug.
    39     39   
    40     40   <p>
   140    140   Which format you use, is entirely up to your application.
   141    141   
   142    142   <h1>Foreign Key Enforcement Is Off By Default</h1>
   143    143   
   144    144   <p>SQLite has parsed foreign key constraints for time out of mind,
   145    145   but added the ability to actually enforce those constraints much later,
   146    146   with [version 3.6.19] ([dateof:3.6.19]).  By the time foreign key constraint
   147         -enforcement was added, there where already countless millions of databases
          147  +enforcement was added, there were already countless millions of databases
   148    148   in circulation that contained foreign key constraints, some of which
   149    149   were not correct.  To avoid breaking those legacy databases, foreign key
   150    150   constraint enforcement is turned off by default in SQLite.
   151    151   
   152    152   <p>Applications can activate foreign key enforcement at run-time using
   153    153   the [PRAGMA foreign_keys] statement.  Or, foreign key enforcement can
   154    154   be activated at compile-time using the