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Comment:On second thought, remove the information disclosure clean-up policy.
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User & Date: drh 2016-03-29 22:30:35
Add a change log entry for the query planner enhancement backport to 3.9.3. check-in: cc1675f94a user: drh tags: branch-3.12
Start a change log for version 3.13.0 check-in: 6633347c5b user: drh tags: trunk
On second thought, remove the information disclosure clean-up policy. check-in: f343e93d94 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the information disclosure clean-up policy document. check-in: 454218b20d user: drh tags: trunk
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     1         -<title>Information disclosure clean-up policy</title>
     2         -
     3         -<p><i>Historical note:  This policy was inspired by a
     4         -a [|similar policy] instituted
     5         -by Matt Mackall for the [|Mercurial] project].</i></p>
     6         -
     7         -<h2>Information Disclosure Clean-up Policy</h2>
     8         -
     9         -<p>Sometimes people post confidential information to the [mailing lists] and
    10         -then ask us to remove it.
    11         -This is mostly pointless, as the mailing lists are
    12         -mirrored by multiple third parties we have no control over.
    13         -Furthermore, it is very time-consuming for the SQLite developers to try to
    14         -isolate and remove archived information from the MailMan logs.
    15         -
    16         -<p>Therefore we have instituted the following information clean-up policy:
    17         -
    18         -<p>If you would like posts that you have submitted to any of SQLite's
    19         -mailing list archives removed, then 
    20         -make a donatation of $100 to either the
    21         -Software Freedom Conservancy or the Electronic Frontier Foundation (your choice)
    22         -and send us the receipt for your donation together with the specific mailing
    23         -list posts you want removed and the SQLite developers will then spend up to
    24         -half an hour attempting to undo your mistake as far as possible.
    25         -To reiterate: the SQLite mailing lists are mirrored by multiple third parties
    26         -and so doing this will not remove your information from the internet.