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Comment:Clarification to the VACUUM INTO documentation.
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User & Date: drh 2019-02-05 12:58:26
Update to the change log. check-in: f9f945c599 user: drh tags: trunk
Clarification to the VACUUM INTO documentation. check-in: c7001012e1 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix typos and omissions in the change log. check-in: 91188df9ec user: drh tags: trunk
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  5010   5010   <p>
  5011   5011   ^The filename in the INTO clause can be an arbitrary SQL expression
  5012   5012   that evaluates to a string.
  5013   5013   ^The file named by the INTO clause must not previously exist, or
  5014   5014   else it must be an empty file, or the VACUUM INTO command will
  5015   5015   fail with an error.
  5016   5016   
         5017  +<p>
         5018  +^The argument to INTO can a [URI filename] if URI filenames
         5019  +are enabled.
         5020  +URL filenames are enabled if any of the following are true:
         5021  +<ul>
         5022  +<li> The SQLite library was compiled with [-DSQLITE_USE_URI=1].
         5023  +<li> The [sqlite3_config]([SQLITE_CONFIG_URI],1) interfaces was
         5024  +     invoked at start-time.
         5025  +<li> The [database connection] that is running the VACUUM INTO
         5026  +     statement was originally opened using the
         5027  +     [SQLITE_OPEN_URI] flag.
         5028  +</ul>
         5029  +
  5017   5030   <p>
  5018   5031   The VACUUM INTO command is transactional in the sense that
  5019   5032   the generated output database is a consistent snapshot of the
  5020   5033   orgininal database.  However, if the VACUUM INTO command is
  5021   5034   interrupted by a unplanned shutdown or power lose, then
  5022   5035   the generated output database might be incomplete and corrupt.
  5023   5036   Also, SQLite does not invoke fsync() or FlushFileBuffers()