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Comment:Edits to the change log.
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SHA1: c508b3c51a5ca1e10ba64b7a5524c158d625c7fc
User & Date: drh 2013-10-11 14:18:23
Improve the text (rephrasing, not changing the meaning) of some requirements related to functions and pragmas. Improve or correct requirements marks. check-in: 77dee5dcd0 user: drh tags: trunk
Edits to the change log. check-in: c508b3c51a user: drh tags: trunk
Revise the description of the Tcler's wiki database corruption event. check-in: 63ad7e56b1 user: drh tags: trunk
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Changes to pages/

    18     18     incr nChng
    19     19   }
    20     20   
    21     21   chng {2013-10-?? (3.8.1)} {
    22     22   <li>Added the [unlikely()] and [likelihood()] SQL functions to be used
    23     23       as hints to the query planner.
    24     24   <li>Added the [soft_heap_limit pragma].
    25         -<li>Tweaked the query planner to take into account WHERE clause terms
    26         -    that cannot be used with indices.
           25  +<li>Enhancements the query planner:
           26  +<ul>
           27  +<li>Take into account WHERE clause terms that cannot be used with indices.
           28  +<li>Estimate the sizes of table and index rows and use the smallest applicable B-Tree
           29  +    for full scans and "count(*)" operations.
           30  +</ul>
    27     31   <li>Added support for [SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT4]
           32  +<li>Added support for "sz=NNN" parameters at the end of sqlite_stat1.stat fields
           33  +    used to specify the average length in bytes for table and index rows.
           34  +<li>Changed the [index_list pragma] so that it shows the estimated size of index
           35  +    rows and so that it shows a new row for the PRIMARY KEY index that gives the
           36  +    estimated size of table rows.
           37  +<li>Avoid running foreign-key constraint checks on an UPDATE if none of the
           38  +    modified columns are associated with foreign keys.
    28     39   <li>Added the [SQLITE_MINIMUM_FILE_DESCRIPTOR] compile-time option
    29     40   <li>Added the win32-longpath VFS on windows.
    30     41   <li>The [Date And Time Functions] are enhanced so that the current time
    31     42       (ex: julianday('now')) is always the same for multiple function invocations
    32     43       within the same [sqlite3_step()] call.
    33     44   <li>[FTS4] queries are better able to make use of docid<$limit constraints to
    34     45       limit the amount of I/O required.
    35     46   <li>The [VACUUM] command packs the database about 1% tighter.
    36     47   <li>The sqlite3_analyzer utility program is updated to provide better descriptions
    37     48       and to compute a more accurate estimate for "Non-sequential pages"
           49  +<li>Refactor the implementation of PRAGMA statements to improve parsing performance.
    38     50   <li><b>Bug fix:</b> Return the correct answer for "SELECT count(*) FROM table" even if
    39     51       there is a [partial index] on the table. Ticket
    40     52       [|a5c8ed66ca].
    41     53   }
    42     54   
    43     55   chng {2013-09-03 (} {
    44     56   <li>Fix a bug in the optimization that attempts to omit unused LEFT JOINs