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Comment:Update the ".help" screen capture in the "cli.html" document to show the ".eqp" command.
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SHA1: c4d6ba9b0c458a467ffaee32f589fb99ec3e582c
User & Date: drh 2014-06-16 15:11:10
Fix a typo in datatype3.html and add a new bullet to clarify the affinity for the RHS of an IN or NOT IN operator. (check-in: e89c80cd7d user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the ".help" screen capture in the "cli.html" document to show the ".eqp" command. (check-in: c4d6ba9b0c user: drh tags: trunk)
Version 3.8.5 (check-in: 0f7dec0517 user: drh tags: trunk, release, version-3.8.5)
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Changes to pages/

   142    142   .bail on|off           Stop after hitting an error.  Default OFF
   143    143   .clone NEWDB           Clone data into NEWDB from the existing database
   144    144   .databases             List names and files of attached databases
   145    145   .dump ?TABLE? ...      Dump the database in an SQL text format
   146    146                            If TABLE specified, only dump tables matching
   147    147                            LIKE pattern TABLE.
   148    148   .echo on|off           Turn command echo on or off
          149  +.eqp on|off            Enable or disable automatic EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN
   149    150   .exit                  Exit this program
   150    151   .explain ?on|off?      Turn output mode suitable for EXPLAIN on or off.
   151    152                            With no args, it turns EXPLAIN on.
   152    153   .headers on|off        Turn display of headers on or off
   153    154   .help                  Show this message
   154    155   .import FILE TABLE     Import data from FILE into TABLE
   155    156   .indices ?TABLE?       Show names of all indices