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Comment:Add a mention of the SQLITE_TMPDIR environment variable in the change log.
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SHA1: b5aece674f86cb72e265fa166e432044cb736e4c
User & Date: drh 2013-10-14 17:31:07
Add documentation for toInteger() and toReal(). check-in: 782c63b8f0 user: drh tags: trunk
Add a mention of the SQLITE_TMPDIR environment variable in the change log. check-in: b5aece674f user: drh tags: trunk
Tweaks to the change log. Set an estimated release date for 3.8.1 of 2013-10-18. check-in: c00394dd14 user: drh tags: trunk
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    42     42       within the same [sqlite3_step()] call.
    43     43   <li>[FTS4] queries are better able to make use of docid<$limit constraints to
    44     44       limit the amount of I/O required.
    45     45   <li>The [VACUUM] command packs the database about 1% tighter.
    46     46   <li>The sqlite3_analyzer utility program is updated to provide better descriptions
    47     47       and to compute a more accurate estimate for "Non-sequential pages"
    48     48   <li>Refactor the implementation of PRAGMA statements to improve parsing performance.
           49  +<li>The directory used to hold temporary files on unix can now be set using
           50  +    the SQLITE_TMPDIR environment variable,  which takes precedence over the
           51  +    TMPDIR environment variable.  The [sqlite3_temp_directory] global variable
           52  +    still has higher precedence than both environment variables, however.
    49     53   <li><b>Bug fix:</b> Return the correct answer for "SELECT count(*) FROM table" even if
    50     54       there is a [partial index] on the table. Ticket
    51     55       [|a5c8ed66ca].
    52     56   }
    53     57   
    54     58   chng {2013-09-03 (} {
    55     59   <li>Fix a bug in the optimization that attempts to omit unused LEFT JOINs