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Comment:Clarify the operation of the "weekday" date and time modifier.
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SHA3-256: b4b8f35ef1522400530e555bb6c939d78ad47d23758c1426f859d6b3a04e6fa6
User & Date: drh 2018-09-24 14:46:58
Preliminary changes for version 3.25.2. check-in: e00e728eae user: drh tags: branch-3.25
Clarify the operation of the "weekday" date and time modifier. check-in: b4b8f35ef1 user: drh tags: branch-3.25
Improved linkage to window functions. check-in: 1c7ab913f0 user: drh tags: branch-3.25
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  3013   3013   so the date is normalized to 2001-05-01.  ^A similar effect occurs when
  3014   3014   the original date is February 29 of a leapyear and the modifier is
  3015   3015   &plusmn;N years where N is not a multiple of four.</p>
  3016   3016   
  3017   3017   <p>^The "start of" modifiers (7 through 9) shift the date backwards 
  3018   3018   to the beginning of the current month, year or day.</p>
  3019   3019   
  3020         -<p>^The "weekday" modifier advances the date forward to the next date 
  3021         -where the weekday number is N. Sunday is 0, Monday is 1, and so forth.</p>
         3020  +<p>^The "weekday" modifier advances the date forward, if necessary,
         3021  +to the next date where the weekday number is N. Sunday is 0, Monday is 1,
         3022  +and so forth.
         3023  +^If the date is already on the desired weekday, the "weekday" modifier
         3024  +leaves the date unchanged.  </p>
  3022   3025   
  3023   3026   <p>^The "unixepoch" modifier (11) only works if it immediately follows 
  3024   3027   a timestring in the DDDDDDDDDD format. 
  3025   3028   ^This modifier causes the DDDDDDDDDD to be interpreted not 
  3026   3029   as a Julian day number as it normally would be, but as
  3027   3030   [ | Unix Time] - the 
  3028   3031   number of seconds since 1970.  If the "unixepoch" modifier does not