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Comment:Fix a typo in the change log for 3.22.0.
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SHA3-256: abd84d1d063c2d43b5ea23893c2b8d2c842488aa4652abb5eaa247d3c22ad383
User & Date: drh 2018-01-22 18:07:03
Add the date of 3.22.0 to the chronology and set the hashes on the change log. check-in: 848f20826b user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a typo in the change log for 3.22.0. check-in: abd84d1d06 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a typo in the vtab document. check-in: 2105719672 user: drh tags: trunk
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    73     73   </ol>
    74     74   <li> Improvements to the [command-line shell]:
    75     75   <ol type='a'>
    76     76     <li> The ".schema" command shows the structure of virtual tables.
    77     77     <li> Added support for reading and writing
    78     78          [|SQL Archive] files using
    79     79          the [.archive command].
    80         -  <li> Added the experimenal [.expert command]
           80  +  <li> Added the experimental [.expert command]
    81     81     <li> Added the ".eqp trigger" variant of the ".eqp" command
    82     82     <li> Enhance the ".lint fkey-indexes" command so that it works with
    83     83          [WITHOUT ROWID] tables.
    84     84     <li> If the filename argument to the shell is a ZIP archive rather than
    85     85          an SQLite database, then the shell automatically opens that ZIP 
    86     86          archive using the [Zipfile virtual table].
    87     87     <li> Added the [edit() SQL function].