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Comment:Add the "Open-source not open-contribution" section to the copyright.html page. Try to clarify the meaning of "Warranty of Title".
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Fix typo on the new copyright.html page. check-in: c5661b456c user: drh tags: branch-3.22
Add the "Open-source not open-contribution" section to the copyright.html page. Try to clarify the meaning of "Warranty of Title". check-in: a2ec6275f0 user: drh tags: branch-3.22
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    41     41   No code has been taken from other projects or from the open
    42     42   internet.  Every line of code can be traced back to its original
    43     43   author, and all of those authors have public domain dedications
    44     44   on file.  So the SQLite code base is clean and is
    45     45   uncontaminated with licensed code from other projects.
    46     46   </p>
    47     47   
           48  +<tcl>hd_fragment notopencontrib {not open-contributin}</tcl>
           49  +<h2>Open-Source, not Open-Contribution</h2>
           50  +
           51  +<p>
           52  +SQLite is open-source, meaning that you can make as many copies of it as
           53  +you want and do whatever you want with those copies, without limitation.
           54  +But SQLite is not open-contribution.  The project does not accept patches.
           55  +Only 27 individuals have ever contributed any code to SQLite, and of those
           56  +only 16 still have traces in the latest release.  
           57  +Only 3 developers have contributed
           58  +non-comment changes within the previous five years and 96.4% of the latest
           59  +release code was written by just two people.
           60  +(The statistics in this paragraph were gathered on 2018-02-05.)
           61  +
           62  +<p>
           63  +Furthermore, all of the code in SQLite is original, having been written
           64  +specifically for use by SQLite.  No code has been copied from unknown
           65  +sources on the internet.
           66  +
           67  +<p>
           68  +Many people associated "open-source" software with software that has
           69  +grow organically through contributions from countless individuals.
           70  +And, indeed, there is some open-source software that works that way.
           71  +But not SQLite.  SQLite uses the the
           72  +[|cathedral development philosopy]
           73  +not the bazaar approach.  All of the SQLite code has been written
           74  +by people who are well known to each other.
           75  +
           76  +<tcl>hd_fragment warrantyoftitle {Warranty of Title}</tcl>
           77  +
    48     78   <div class="rightsidebar">
    49     79   <form method="GET" action="">
    50     80   <input type="submit" value="Buy An SQLite License">
    51     81   </form>
    52     82   </div>
    53     83   
    54         -<h2>Obtaining A License To Use SQLite</h2>
           84  +<h2>Warrany of Title</h2>
    55     85   
    56     86   <p>
    57         -Even though SQLite is in the public domain and does not require
    58         -a license, some users want to obtain a license anyway.  Some reasons
           87  +SQLite is in the public domain and does not require
           88  +a license, some organizations want legal proof of their right to use
           89  +SQLite. Some reasons
    59     90   for obtaining a license include:
    60     91   </p>
    61     92   
    62     93   <ul>
    63     94   <li> Your company desires warranty of title and/or
    64     95        indemnity against claims of copyright infringement.
    65     96   <li> You are using SQLite in a jurisdiction that does not recognize
    71    102        as evidence that you have the legal right to use and distribute
    72    103        SQLite. </li>
    73    104   <li> Your legal department tells you that you have to purchase a license.
    74    105        </li>
    75    106   </ul>
    76    107   
    77    108   <p>
    78         -If you feel like you really need to purchase a license for SQLite,
          109  +If you feel like you really need to purchase proof of your right
          110  +to use SQLite,
    79    111   <a href="">Hwaci</a>, the company that employs 
    80    112   all the developers of SQLite, will 
    81    113   <a href="">sell you
    82         -one</a>.
    83         -All proceeds from the sale of SQLite licenses are used to fund
          114  +a Warranty of Title</a>.
          115  +A Warranty of Title is a legal document that asserts that the claimed
          116  +authors of SQLite are the true authors, and that the authors 
          117  +have the legal right to dedicate the SQLite to the public domain, and 
          118  +that Hwaci will vigorously defend against challenges to those claims.
          119  +All proceeds from the sale of SQLite Warranties of Title are used to fund
    84    120   continuing improvement and support of SQLite.
    85    121   </p>
    86    122   
    87    123   <h2>Contributed Code</h2>
    88    124   
    89    125   <p>
    90    126   In order to keep SQLite completely free and unencumbered by copyright,
    91         -all new contributors to the SQLite code base are asked to dedicate
    92         -their contributions to the public domain.
    93         -If you want to send a patch or enhancement for possible inclusion in the
    94         -SQLite source tree, please accompany the patch with the following statement:
    95         -</p>
    96         -
    97         -<blockquote><i>
    98         -The author or authors of this code dedicate any and all copyright interest
    99         -in this code to the public domain.  We make this dedication for the benefit
   100         -of the public at large and to the detriment of our heirs and successors.
   101         -We intend this dedication to be an overt act of relinquishment in
   102         -perpetuity of all present and future rights to this code under copyright law.
   103         -</i></blockquote>
   104         -
   105         -<p>
   106         -We are not able to accept patches or changes to 
   107         -SQLite that are not accompanied by a statement such as the above.
   108         -In addition, if you make
   109         -changes or enhancements as an employee, then a simple statement such as the
   110         -above is insufficient.  You must also send by surface mail a copyright release
   111         -signed by a company officer.
   112         -A signed original of the copyright release should be mailed to:</p>
   113         -
   114         -<blockquote>
   115         -Hwaci<br>
   116         -6200 Maple Cove Lane<br>
   117         -Charlotte, NC 28269<br>
   118         -USA
   119         -</blockquote>
   120         -
   121         -<p>
   122         -A template copyright release is available
   123         -in <a href="copyright-release.pdf">PDF</a> or
   124         -<a href="copyright-release.html">HTML</a>.
   125         -You can use this release to make future changes. 
   126         -</p>
          127  +the project does not accept patches.  If you would like to make a
          128  +suggested change, and include a patch as a proof-of-concept, that would
          129  +be great.  However please do not be offended if we rewrite your patch
          130  +from scratch.