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Comment:Better phrasing of the read-only WAL mode disadvantage in wal.html.
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User & Date: drh 2018-05-22 15:40:13
Update the change log to mention the sqlite_sequence bug. check-in: b31a1c8b32 user: drh tags: trunk
Better phrasing of the read-only WAL mode disadvantage in wal.html. check-in: 729be21bb1 user: drh tags: trunk
Read-only WAL mode in 3.22, not 3.20. check-in: f5137e463c user: drh tags: trunk
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    43     43       from a backup using the [backup API].  You must be in a rollback journal
    44     44       mode to change the page size.
    45     45   <li><s>It is not possible to open [read-only WAL databases].
    46     46       The opening process must have write privileges for "<tt>-shm</tt>"
    47     47       [wal-index] shared memory file associated with the database, if that
    48     48       file exists, or else write access on the directory containing
    49     49       the database file if the "<tt>-shm</tt>" file does not exist.</s>
    50         -    Beginning with [version 3.22.0] ([dateof:3.22.0]) one can open a
    51         -    WAL mode database read-only as long as either the <tt>-shm</tt> file
    52         -    already exists or the <tt>-shm</tt> file can be created.
           50  +    Beginning with [version 3.22.0] ([dateof:3.22.0]), a read-only 
           51  +    WAL-mode database file can be opened if
           52  +    the <tt>-shm</tt> and <tt>-wal</tt> files
           53  +    already exists or those files can be created or the
           54  +    [immutable query parameter|database is immutable].
    53     55   <li>WAL might be very slightly slower (perhaps 1% or 2% slower)
    54     56       than the traditional rollback-journal approach
    55     57       in applications that do mostly reads and seldom write.
    56     58   <li>There is an additional quasi-persistent "<tt>-wal</tt>" file and
    57     59       "<tt>-shm</tt>" shared memory file associated with each
    58     60       database, which can make SQLite less appealing for use as an 
    59     61       [application file-format].