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Comment:Still more edits to the application file format text.
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User & Date: drh 2013-05-03 17:51:44
Typo correction and enhancement to the change log. check-in: a9cecdf9e8 user: drh tags: trunk
Still more edits to the application file format text. check-in: 6ef8771745 user: drh tags: trunk
Updates to the application-file-format text. check-in: 9811172daa user: drh tags: trunk
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    57     57   <ul>
    58     58   
    59     59   <tcl>hd_fragment appfileformat {application file-format}</tcl>
    60     60   <li><p><b>Application File Format</b></p>
    61     61   
    62     62   <p>
    63     63   SQLite has been used with great success as the on-disk file format
    64         -for desktop applications such as financial analysis tools, CAD
           64  +for desktop applications such as version control systems,
           65  +financial analysis tools, media cataloging and editing suites, CAD
    65     66   packages, record keeping programs, and so forth.  The traditional
    66     67   File/Open operation calls sqlite3_open() to attach to the database
    67     68   file.  Updates to the file happen atomically as the file is edited,
    68     69   so the File/Save menu option become superfluous.  The File/Save_As
    69     70   menu option can be implemented using the [backup API].
    70     71   </p>
    71     72   
    76     77   
    77     78   <ol type="1">
    78     79   <li> There is no file parsing and generating code to write and debug.
    79     80   <li> Content can be accessed and updated using powerful SQL queries,
    80     81        greatly reducing the complexity of the application code.
    81     82   <li> Extending the file format for new capabilities in later releases
    82     83        is a simple as adding new tables or new columns to existing tables.
           84  +<li> Diverse content which might otherwise be stored as a "pile-of-files"
           85  +     can be encapsulated into a single easily managed disk file.
    83     86   <li> The content can be viewed using third-party tools.
    84     87   <li> The application file is portable across all operating systems,
    85     88        32-bit and 64-bit and big- and little-endian architectures.
    86     89   <li> The application only has to load as much data as it needs, rather
    87     90        than reading the entire application file and holding a complete parse
    88     91        in memory.  Startup time and memory consumption are reduced.
    89         -<li> Small content edits only overwrite the parts of the file that change,
           92  +<li> Small edits only overwrite the parts of the file that change,
    90     93        not the entire file, thus improving performance
    91     94        and reducing wear on SSD drives.
    92     95   <li> Content is updated continously and atomically so 
    93     96        that there is no work lost in the event of a power failure or crash.
    94     97   <li> Applications can leverage the
    95     98        [full-text search] and [RTREE] capablities that are build into SQLite.
    96     99   <li> Performance problems can often be resolved using [CREATE INDEX]