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   528    528   of recovery because the previous process writing to it crashed in the
   529    529   middle of a transaction and two or more processes try to open the 
   530    530   that database at the same time, then the race condition might cause
   531    531   one of those processes to get a false indication that the recovery 
   532    532   has already completed, allowing that process to continue using the
   533    533   database file without running recovery first.  If that process writes
   534    534   to the file, then the file might go corrupt.  This race condition
   535         -had apparently existing in all prior versions of SQLite for Windows going
          535  +had apparently existed in all prior versions of SQLite for Windows going
   536    536   back to 2004.  But the race was very tight.  Practically speaking, you
   537    537   need a fast multi-core machine in which you launch two processes to run
   538    538   recovery at the same moment on two separate cores.  This defect was
   539    539   on Windows systems only and did not affect the posix OS interface.</p>