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Comment:Add the json_extract() enhancement to the change log.
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SHA3-256: 48487a9f5cedc8b410f87f088e018f32a639363ba58f20a9784930aedf65c2bb
User & Date: drh 2017-05-11 18:44:18
Fix typo in the change log. check-in: 6aca55b1f8 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the json_extract() enhancement to the change log. check-in: 48487a9f5c user: drh tags: trunk
Mention the FTS5 column filter enhancement in the change log. check-in: b65a1fd59e user: drh tags: trunk
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    43     43        the GROUP BY clause over to the WHERE clause for faster processing.
    44     44   <li> Reuse the same materialization of a VIEW if that VIEW appears more then
    45     45        once in the same query.
    46     46   <li> Enhance [PRAGMA integrity_check] so that it identifies tables that have two
    47     47        or more rows with the same [rowid].
    48     48   <li> Enhance the [FTS5] query syntax so that [FTS5 column filters|column filters]
    49     49        may be applied to arbitrary expressions.
           50  +<li> Enhance the [json_extract()] function to cache and reuse parses of JSON
           51  +     input text.
    50     52   <p><b>Bug Fixes:</b>
    51     53   <li> Fix a problem in [REPLACE] that can result in a corrupt database containing
    52     54        two ore more rows with the same [rowid].  Fix for ticket
    53     55        [|f68dc596c4e6018d].
    54     56   <li> Fix a problem in [PRAGMA integrity_check] that was causing a subsequent
    55     57        [VACUUM] to behave suboptimally.
    56     58   <li> Fix the [PRAGMA foreign_key_check] command so that it works correctly with