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    56     56   SQLite is popular choice for the database engine in cellphones,
    57     57   PDAs, MP3 players, set-top boxes, and other electronic gadgets.
    58     58   SQLite has a small code footprint, makes efficient use of memory,
    59     59   disk space, and disk bandwidth, is highly reliable, and requires
    60     60   no maintenance from a Database Adminstrator.</p></li>
    61     61   
    62     62   <li><p><b>Website Database.</b>
    63         -Because it requires no configuration and stores information in order
           63  +Because it requires no configuration and stores information in ordinary
    64     64   disk files, SQLite is a popular choice as the database to back small
    65     65   to medium-sized websites.</p></li>
    66     66   
    67     67   <li><p><b>Stand-in For An Enterprise RDBMS.</b>
    68     68   SQLite is often used as a surrogate for an enterprise RDBMS for
    69     69   demonstration purposes or for testing.  SQLite is fast and requires
    70     70   no setup, which takes a lot of the hassle out of testing and which
    71     71   makes demos perky and easy to launch.</p></li>
    72     72   </ul>