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   117    117   Applications that already use SQLite for other purposes can easily
   118    118   add support for SQLite Archives using a small extension
   119    119   ([]) to handle the compression
   120    120   and decompression of content.  Even this tiny extension can be omitted
   121    121   if the files in the archive are uncompressed.  In contrast, supporting
   122    122   ZIP Archives and/or Tarballs requires either separate libraries or
   123    123   lots of extra custom code, or sometimes both.
          124  +
          125  +<li><p>
          126  +An SQLite Archive can work around firewall-imposed censorship.
          127  +For example, certain file types that are considered "dangerous" 
          128  +(examples: DLLs) will be
          129  +[|blocked by Gmail]
          130  +and probably many other email services and firewall, even if those
          131  +files are wrapped inside a ZIP Archive or Tarball.
          132  +But these firewall usually do not care about SQLite Archives and
          133  +so content can be put inside an SQLite Archive to evade censorship.
   124    134   </ol>
   125    135   
   126    136   <h1>Disadvantages Of SQLite Archives</h1>
   127    137   
   128    138   <ol>
   129    139   <li><p>
   130    140   The SQLite Archive is a relatively new format.  It was first described in