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Comment:Fix a typo in the file format documentation.
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Fix a typo in the file format documentation. check-in: 1cc43dde6c user: drh tags: branch-3.9
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   647    647   values. 
   648    648   A varint is between 1 and 9 bytes in length.  The varint consists of either
   649    649   zero or more byte which have the high-order bit set followed by a single byte
   650    650   with the high-order bit clear, or nine bytes, whichever is shorter.
   651    651   The lower seven bits of each of the first eight bytes and all 8 bits of
   652    652   the ninth byte are used to reconstruct the 64-bit twos-complement integer.
   653    653   Varints are big-endian: bits taken from the earlier byte of the varint
   654         -are the more significant and bits taken from the later bytes. </p>
          654  +are the more significant than bits taken from the later bytes. </p>
   655    655   
   656    656   <p>The format of a cell depends on which kind of b-tree page the cell
   657    657   appears on.  The following table shows the elements of a cell, in
   658    658   order of appearance, for the various b-tree page types.</p>
   659    659   
   660    660   <blockquote><dl>
   661    661   <dt><p>Table B-Tree Leaf Cell (header 0x0d):</p></dt>