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Comment:Add the SQLITE_CONSTRAINT return from xBestIndex to the change log.
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User & Date: drh 2018-11-16 14:35:07
Update the speed-and-size chart for version 3.26.0 (beta). check-in: f7ada093c1 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the SQLITE_CONSTRAINT return from xBestIndex to the change log. check-in: 14b1451274 user: drh tags: trunk
More fixes to the virtual table documentation. check-in: 70c4eaad4d user: drh tags: trunk
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    21     21     incr nChng
    22     22   }
    23     23   
    24     24   chng {2018-12-00 (3.26.0)} {
    25     25   <li>Optimization: When doing an [UPDATE] on a table with [indexes on expressions],
    26     26       do not update the expression indexes if they do not refer to any of the columns
    27     27       of the table being updated.
           28  +<li>Allow the [xBestIndex()] method of [virtual table] implementations to return
           29  +    [SQLITE_CONSTRAINT] to indicate that the proposed query plan is unusable and
           30  +    should not be given further consideration.
    28     31   <li>Added the [SQLITE_DBCONFIG_DEFENSIVE] option which disables the ability to 
    29     32       create corrupt database files using ordinary SQL.
    30     33   <li>Added support for read-only [shadow tables] when the [SQLITE_DBCONFIG_DEFENSIVE]
    31     34       option is enabled.
    32     35   <li>Added the [PRAGMA legacy_alter_table] command, which if enabled causes the
    33     36       [ALTER TABLE] command to behave like older version of SQLite (prior to
    34     37       version 3.25.0) for compatibility.