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Ticket UUID: e07f262a63441c7a4a52a3146d4287774bb57010
Title: Misuse of "it" in INSERT docs
Status: Fixed Type: Documentation
Severity: Cosmetic Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2009-08-19 13:56:00
Version Found In: e982745da170bbba3723dbea3e9902770f58e6b5
If you look at the second paragraph in the INSERT documents you will notice it says "... INSERT statement takes it data from ...". That "it" should probably be "in" or "its".

drh added on 2009-08-19 13:56:00:
See check-in [6fbc1f970745e96d092f7983c2aad42b715d8a31]