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Artifact ID: 1e9d563c559ad7541d643db06ee4d44bda195e43
Ticket: 2cda06fa856ed020b9361d4411d77bf4268092e1
Wrong closing tag in
User & Date: anonymous 2009-09-24 13:27:53

  1. Change comment to:, line 8, currently closes the H2 tag with a DIV tag:

    <h2 style="margin-left:1.0em"> Overview</div>

    Instead it should be like this:

    <h2 style="margin-left:1.0em"> Overview</h2>
  2. Change foundin to "9cb5891238f311c13d5afe50f318a0f1b2c67494"
  3. Change private_contact to "bab315d2cac51a9446a1315f82fe34aaf58992b5"
  4. Change severity to "Important"
  5. Change status to "Open"
  6. Change title to "Wrong closing tag in"
  7. Change type to "Code_Defect"