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<title>Code Of Conduct</title>



<p>Having been encouraged by clients to adopt a written
code of conduct, the SQLite developers elected to govern their
interactions with each other, with their clients,
and with the larger SQLite user community in
accordance with the "instruments of good works" from chapter 4 of
[|The Rule of St. Benedict].
This code of conduct has proven its mettle in thousands of diverse
communities for over 1,500 years, and has served as a baseline for many
civil law codes since the time of Charlemagne.

<h2>Users of the SQLite Code</h2>

This rule applies to SQLite developers, not to users of the SQLite code.
Everyone is free to use the SQLite source code, object code,
and/or documentation regardless of their opinion of and adherence
to this rule.
SQLite has been and continues to be completely free to everyone,
without precondition.

<h2>Participation in the SQLite Community</h2>

<p>Participants in the SQLite Mailing Lists or other public forums
are not required to follow this rule.  However, comments posted on
mailing lists or forums are expected to be courteous and professional,
and should be worded as if they were written by someone who is a follower
of this rule.  In other words, while participating in the SQLite
community, one should speak only the truth in love, honor all, be not
angry nor nurse a grudge, do not return evil for evil, be not
proud nor a grumbler nor a detractor, avoid depraved speech,
hate no one, do not love quarreling,
and so forth.  Violators brought to the attention of the project leader
will be reproved, gently at first but with increasing urgency, and may
ultimately be banned if the behavior is not amended.

<h2>Core Developers</h2>

Because SQLite is [public-domain|in the public domain], the project does
not normally accept patches from outside contributors as
such code would carry an implied copyright.  In order to
keep SQLite completely free and open, all
code is written and maintained by a small team of core developers.

All of the current core developers of SQLite have pledged to follow
this rule to the best of their ability, and to hold each other accountable
for the those parts of the rule that regulate interaction with the larger 
community. The public also is invited to call us out when we fall short.
While the complete rule is good, we make no enforcement of the introspective

In the future, should someone wish to become a core developer of SQLite
and is in every way qualified except that he or she does not feel
comfortable with some details of this rule (for example, the overtly
religious elements), then appropriate adjustments can be made at that 
point.  The objective of the rule is not to impose a particular religious 
creed, but rather to use time-tested behavioral guidelines to promote a 
productive and peaceful community.

<h1>The Rule</h1>

<li> First of all, love the Lord God with your whole heart,
     your whole soul, and your whole strength.
<li> Then, love your neighbor as yourself.
<li> Do not murder.
<li> Do not commit adultery.
<li> Do not steal.
<li> Do not covet.
<li> Do not bear false witness.
<li> Honor all.
<li> Do not do to another what you would not have done to yourself.
<li> Deny oneself in order to follow Christ.
<li> Chastise the body.
<li> Do not become attached to pleasures.
<li> Love fasting.
<li> Relieve the poor.
<li> Clothe the naked.
<li> Visit the sick.
<li> Bury the dead.
<li> Be a help in times of trouble.
<li> Console the sorrowing.
<li> Be a stranger to the world's ways.
<li> Prefer nothing more than the love of Christ.
<li> Do not give way to anger.
<li> Do not nurse a grudge.
<li> Do not entertain deceit in your heart.
<li> Do not give a false peace.
<li> Do not forsake charity.
<li> Do not swear, for fear of perjuring yourself.
<li> Utter only truth from heart and mouth.
<li> Do not return evil for evil.
<li> Do no wrong to anyone, and bear patiently wrongs done to yourself.
<li> Love your enemies.
<li> Do not curse those who curse you, but rather bless them.
<li> Bear persecution for justice's sake.
<li> Be not proud.
<li> Be not addicted to wine.
<li> Be not a great eater.
<li> Be not drowsy.
<li> Be not lazy.
<li> Be not a grumbler.
<li> Be not a detractor.
<li> Put your hope in God.
<li> Attribute to God, and not to self, whatever good you see in yourself.
<li> Recognize always that evil is your own doing,
     and to impute it to yourself.
<li> Fear the Day of Judgment.
<li> Be in dread of hell.
<li> Desire eternal life with all the passion of the spirit.
<li> Keep death daily before your eyes.
<li> Keep constant guard over the actions of your life.
<li> Know for certain that God sees you everywhere.
<li> When wrongful thoughts come into your heart, dash them against
     Christ immediately.
<li> Disclose wrongful thoughts to your spiritual mentor.
<li> Guard your tongue against evil and depraved speech.
<li> Do not love much talking.
<li> Speak no useless words or words that move to laughter.
<li> Do not love much or boisterous laughter.
<li> Listen willingly to holy reading.
<li> Devote yourself frequently to prayer.
<li> Daily in your prayers, with tears and sighs, confess your
     past sins to God, and amend them for the future.
<li> Fulfill not the desires of the flesh; hate your own will.
<li> Obey in all things the commands of those whom God has placed
     in authority over you even though they (which God forbid) should 
     act otherwise, mindful of the Lord's precept, "Do what they say, 
     but not what they do."
<li> Do not wish to be called holy before one is holy; but first to be
     holy, that you may be truly so called.
<li> Fulfill God's commandments daily in your deeds.
<li> Love chastity.
<li> Hate no one.
<li> Be not jealous, nor harbor envy.
<li> Do not love quarreling.
<li> Shun arrogance.
<li> Respect your seniors.
<li> Love your juniors.
<li> Pray for your enemies in the love of Christ.
<li> Make peace with your adversary before the sun sets.
<li> Never despair of God's mercy.